The Sacred Feminine – Collaborative Essay

26 January 2024

Kneeling human figure, surreal autumn leaf and abstract nebulae on subject of drama of existance and miracle of life

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How I love to love.

It is the dreamer, the believer, the connected traveler living my life in me.
It is the wild woman who wants to dive deep into that pulsing, sensual tactile heart…

Living unbound. It has also stung me, scorched my fingers into blisters, soccer punched me out of air where I am left for hours on end grasping my chest, learning to breathe again.

I breathe slowly and so deeply, filling my lungs like an archer pulling back an arrow.
And out, with the pain in my mind, I shoot my breath toward it commanding surrender.

Hidden under clothing, structure, stricture, norms, and mores. I yearn for freedom to run, arms open, headlong into the wind…Think like an eagle, sing like a cardinal, cuddle — give and take comfort like a cat, show ultimate loyalty like a dog.

Trapped. Trapped. Invisible chords biting and pulling me back. Yet the wildness calls to the beach and the shore. Where a wild girl wave hops and leaves evermore, bursting forth right of out of her skin. No shoes nor socks dare hold her within.

Wildness lives in me…Untamed power…wildness offers freedom to my heart and juices my loins. Embodied wildness I feel it all: suffering, anguish, rage, exaltation, contentment, and joy.

The past few years, I have spent more time looking at what is inside…going with answers from inside me…my heart has always been right.

Everything is a blank page, a blank canvas, a blank mind free of thoughts. Everything is born of creativity, whether that be about me, my life circumstances, my views of the world or the people in it.

I can change everything in a moment’s notice and start my life over. Creativity takes me back to joy, the joy of being me, the joy of being alive.

A thousand to-do’s of practicality, necessity, duty, responsibility, all that I make the  serious business of my days

And then the tiny jolt

The prickle of excited body and anticipating mind

The acres of limitless possibility roll into view

unbridled, free-flowing, hot flash and flicker inside

leaning into the starting blocks for the sheer joy of the moment

before the run Seven again,

on that morning when happiness flew me

All this quivering impatience and the temptation to hurry

Much to learn but I’m enrolled, body mind and soul

The secret’s out the roar is music and the beat moves within me

There is no action just being
There is no fear just peace
There is no worry just trust
There is no unmet need just abundance
There’s no need to move or even grow
There is always enough
There is always a song being born
There is always a feeling so tender
There is always inception of life

I go, I see, I make and create, I play and rejoice and feel

this is what I came for.


Courtesy of Anni Poole, Trish Pomeroy, Charlotte Rozich, Susan Rosin, Kirstien Bjerregaard, Andrea Morrison, Sue Pankiewicz, Masha Liashenko,  and Holly Mitchell

You are pure love in motion

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