The Palm Reader’s Gift

17 February 2021


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An acolyte of practical miracles and the mystical magic of intuition and synchronicity, I hid that from most.

So, my heart sank when, in 2002,  Ellen Bone introduced herself as a palm reader and psychic medium to the Healing Arts Practitioner’s Circle in Parkersburg, WV.

Would Ellen’s presence in the group make my colleagues think I had gone off the deep end, or worse, dry up referrals to my psychotherapy practice?

Along with a number of women, I had co-founded the practitioner’s circle in the mid-Ohio Valley. Our mission was to introduce colleagues in traditional medicine to the power of holistic, or complementary healing practices.

A panoply of healing modalities diversified the group: massage, Healing Touch, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, NLP, EFT, EMDR, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.  Some were controversial, some more mainstream.

But palmistry?  I thought it too far out.

Ellen approached me after the meeting.  “Linda, I’d love to be a part of what you’re doing here,” she said.  “But I’m afraid some will not respect my gifts and that my presence will hurt your efforts. I’ll stay away.”

Although relieved, I was touched by her humility. Ellen smiled and said, “But, I’d like to show you how I work.  Would you have lunch with me?”

“Yes,” I said, without a second thought.  I’m curious about people and their stories. Ellen radiated good will and friendliness.  We set a date and agreed to meet at the Bob Evans across the river in Marietta, Ohio.

On the appointed day, we settled into a booth and Ellen shared a bit of her story.  Married thirty years to a man she loved well, he supported but was not sure what to make of her gifts. She enjoyed living in the woods close to nature. From a large, Catholic family, all but one of her nearly a dozen siblings had a psychic gift. Her clients included law enforcement, corporations, and the public.

As our rapport grew, Ellen said, “May I look at your non-dominant hand?” She studied my palm and recounted events that were private and close to heart. Her psychic knowing touched the realms of childhood, family, health, and wealth. Her credibility was sealed, and my trust expanded.

As she chatted away, I drifted to the loneliness I felt. I continued to heal from my first husband’s sudden death two years before. I had begun to long for a special someone in my life to have dinner with, to talk to. The chance of meeting a new partner at age 48 were slim to none, I thought.  Life had slammed the relationship door.

“So, you want to know about relationships,” Ellen said.

A frisson, a sudden thrill like an electric current, surged through my body. Cheerful chatter among the lunch crowd in the restaurant dropped into the far background. I tumbled into an inward silence, expectant, present. My body signaled that something extraordinary was about to occur.

A Wildfire Chicken Salad sat in front of me; my right hand rested next to a white tureen holding the piquant barbecue dressing. Ellen had ordered the same salad.  Mugs of tea sat on the table.

Ellen’s brilliant turquoise eyes sparkled, amused, as she watched me. A petite, compact woman, in a print blouse, neat slacks, and ballet flats, she defied my stereotyped notion that palm readers wore sequined turbans, flowing purple robes and crystals. The woman across from me, her blonde hair styled around pretty features, face lit with a wide smile, was warm and normal.

Tucked into the maroon-colored booth, slumped against my large chocolate leather purse I looked away, speculative, and saw a book of matches with the red Bob Evans logo tented on the carpet next to the booth across the aisle.

“May I look at your right palm?” she said. I offered it up. She cupped it in her hand and studied the lines. I held my breath.

“Two men will soon appear in your life. Both will be physicians, and both will work outside the mainstream of medicine,” she said. “What I see in your hand confirms what came through to me last night as I thought about our meeting.”

Two men? Doctors? I sniffed. That was improbable. The aroma of the half-eaten banana bread on my plate grounded me.

Ellen laughed.  “Yes, doctors! I double-checked that with my guides. You’ll meet them within six months.”  Matter of fact and certain. She released my hand, reached for her tea, and took a sip. A mischievous grin played her mouth. “The next bit I have for you is fun,” she said. “The man who’s right for you will be the one you can’t wait to get into bed.”

I choked on the tea I’d just sipped.  Both of us doubled over our salads and chortled like two teenagers sharing a spicy secret.

Our meeting was life changing. I left it with a light heart. Faith in possibility had tapped my shoulder and I felt enlivened and open to opportunity.  I turned a corner on grief and faced the future with hope. Ellen’s words had confirmed my own intuitive sense that life was about to shift.

Within six months I encountered two brilliant physicians, one an internist in integrative medicine and the other, a psychiatrist who shared a radical, new paradigm in mental health.  In another six, I married the psychiatrist and yesterday, on Valentine’s Day 2021 we celebrated the 18th-year anniversary of the day we met. It goes without saying that Ellen’s spicy tip did confirm the choice my heart made!

Ellen Bone’s gifts as a psychic medium, clairaudient, clairvoyant, palmist came enfolded in light-hearted love and powerful knowing. Her spot-on reading and its fulfillment were miracles forged of hope, belief, and love. Meeting her was an exclamation point to my experience that love provides the right people at the right time to move us along.

“Would a God of love put us in the world without a map?” Ellen said. “Maybe our maps are in the palms of our hands.”

Copyright 2021: Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D.
Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

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Ellen Bone, psychic medium and intuitive, offers email, phone, and in-person readings. For a full description of services, see her website at Find her on Facebook at

“An individual’s free will, will override their destiny.” – Ellen Bone

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