Your All-In-One Mentor Through,

The Apprentice’s Way

You burn to express what is in your heart and soul. You are making a difference. You want to dare to share the fullness of your voice, your open-hearted message. Where do you find the wind beneath your wings?

There are mentors to support your spiritual evolution.  There are mentors to facilitate your psychological health.  There are mentors who can help you write better. There are mentors who can help you message, market and create content.

The Apprentice’s Way, a walk with me for 24 sessions, is your all-in-one mentorship.

I’ve taught the 3 Principles, an evolutionary spiritual understanding, to individual clients and world audiences for 19 years.

I was a counselor and a counseling psychologist, now retired, for 35 years.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 40 years.

I’ve been writing for 50 years.  I enjoyed a career in marketing and public relations. I’ve created a huge array of content – press releases, news articles, magazine articles, e-books, video scripts, advertising, blogs, published essays, a book manuscript, programs, retreats, masterclasses, webinars, websites, and more. I’ve given hundreds of live and on-line presentations.

I want to wrinkle time for you, so you can leverage my knowledge in service to your wisdom and shine the fullness of your light into the world, now.

“New to Three Principles coaching, I loved my mentor sessions with Linda. Her profound wisdom and love gently guided me towards a deeper understanding."

-  Bev | South Africa

The Apprentice’s Way is NOT an apprenticeship to me.  

The Apprentice’s Way is a mutual, collegial relationship. It is a spiritual partnership that rests on the intention to listen within to the silent wisdom of the heart and soul — a silent knowing that evolves your work forward in loving service, beautiful feelings, practical effectiveness, and the highest ethical values.

“…there will always be takers and givers. There will also always be people in between helping others which is a very beautiful thing to do.  Lastly, there are those apprentices searching for Self…It is only when one truly starts to see oneself that [s]he finds peace and love and understanding.”

– Sydney Banks

Apprentice’s Way clients have trusted our partnership to:

  • help them build effective coaching practices.  
  • write books. 
  • weather and evolve through transformative personal challenges. 
  • message on websites, social media, in podcasts, blogs and through brands aligned with the heart and soul. 
  • create content from autoresponders to websites, masterclasses to intensive programs.
  • facilitate insights to the 3 Principles understanding.
  • For “all of the above!”

How would you like to use it?

An Apprentice’s Way partnership gives you:

  • 24 one-hour, one-on-one sessions to use however you wish. Most clients meet with me regularly every other week, some weekly, some as desired.
  • Access for a year to the Apprentice’s Way Community, a voluntary, recorded drop-in group that meets on the second Monday of the month at 8-9:30AM Arizona time and on the fourth Monday of the month at 5-6:30PM Arizona time.
  • Access for a year, free, to all Masterclasses I record alone, with other 3 Principles educators, and with soulful masters in writing, branding, marketing, and content creation.
  • Ongoing email access to me.
  • Ongoing assistance with copywriting and editing.

I will put my skills as a lifelong entrepreneur, marketer, writer, psychologist, and spiritual traveler in your service on our weekly or biweekly phone calls.

I envision that our calls and the voluntary drop-in group can:

  • give me eyes to see you, your heartfelt longings, and what you want to create,
  • help you map the road, the steps, toward your dreams
  • help you meet challenges you encounter along the way and implement responsive solutions
  • provide a sounding board for new ideas, copywriting and/or manuscripts.
  • facilitate insight into the 3 Principles. 
  • create a “master mind” community of kindred spirits around you.

I envision that you will use the Master Class section of the program to …

  • learn new knowledge and skills in marketing, writing and content creation.
  • facilitate insight into the 3 Principles.

Are you ready for a life-changing partnership in perfect self-expression? 

A partnership based on feminine values of: collaboration, mutuality, connection, empathy, nurturing, intuition, and creativity?  A partnership of loving service to the world?

Package investment is $11,500 USD for 12 months // 24 sessions

Or payment plan of $2,849 USD first payment + 11 monthly payments of $849 USD [$12,188USD total]

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