Spiritual Blueprints

31 May 2023

Spiritual Blueprints


“Never forget, your thoughts and feelings are the blueprints from which your personal reality is built. Change your blueprints and the reality changes accordingly.”

— Syd Banks, The Enlightened Gardener, page 49

One of the most creative projects I’ve completed in my life was the design of a house my late husband and I built in the hills of West Virginia. I’m not an architect, of course, so I started with a plan, learned about load-bearing walls, and customized it.

“You’re not going to be able to open the door of your microwave oven,” said the builder. He frowned and gestured to a white kitchen cabinet that I’d placed at an angle to the refrigerator. What had looked good on paper did not work in implementation! We stood for a moment in front of my “mistake.” The smell of sawdust trumpeted that this was a new build. In a flash, I saw an answer. “Can we swap out the two cabinets at next to the stove and put the microwave there? It’s a logical place for it.” Problem solved – the result was far more practical, and beautiful!

It’s fascinating to think that when something isn’t “right” in ANY reality, it’s a signal that our spiritual blueprint needs some tweaking!

Over the past year, my intuitive knowing, Divine Thought flowing through me, has signaled that changes in my work life were possible and could be fulfilling. Pictures of my next decade — more focused on writing — began to flow. Such shifts don’t happen overnight, but I began changing my spiritual blueprints, confident that, in time, a shiny “new build” reality would materialize.

There may be some things that require adjusting as the new reality is built, but that’s part of the construction adventure!
What beauty are your blueprints designing?


Would the creative light of intuitive play help shed light on the design of your life? Check out my Intuitive Conversation Mini package [$250USD], a 60-minute consultation and a 30-minute follow-up. I’ll draw oracle cards for you and, together, we’ll see what blueprint adjustments the symbols point toward. BOOK NOW!

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