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The Apprentice’s Way

Your All-In-One Mentor

You burn to express what is in your heart and soul. You are making a difference. You want to dare to share the fullness of your voice, your open-hearted message. Where do you find the wind beneath your wings?

There are mentors to support your spiritual evolution.  There are mentors to facilitate your psychological health.  There are mentors who can help you write better. There are mentors who can help you message, market and create content.

The Apprentice’s Way, a walk with me for 24 sessions, is your all-in-one mentorship.

The Writer’s Sanctuary

A devoted space, to upscale your writing, uplift your voice…

You burn to express. Writing is in your skill set. You have a message to share.  I’ve created the Writer’s Sanctuary for you. You know how to write and what you want to say.  You’re beyond a thin skin. 

But it’s hard to write on your own. Asking someone else to read your work can be intimidating. Plus, can you trust feedback from people who love everything about you?

The Writers’s Sanctuary, a 6-month small group writer’s mentorship.

The Healer’s Sanctuary

Helping is written on your heart.

You’re a woman and a helping professional. Kudos for earning your helping wings. You want to lighten the load of helping. To awaken a new level of hope and possibility for clients. You want a fresh vocabulary, a new understanding, that breaks down inner barriers to happiness and love.

You’re a seeker. For a simple, efficient way to ameliorate suffering. For a way to bring a non-religious spiritual understanding into your work. 

You want a refreshing practice.  You can embrace an abundant life.

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