Leaning into Curves

Leaning into Curves


Love is a way of being; a way of listening to an intuitive intelligence, including synchronicities, that guide us through life —  mysterious, mystical, magical.

 Leaning into Curves is, first, a love story.  It is a poignant tale of forbidden love, of two hearts and souls who crossed the boundaries of religious beliefs and dogma. It is a tale of shattering loss. It is tale of one woman’s trust in the spiritual wisdom unfolding from her soul to guide her through suffering and death to meaning, transcendence, rebirth, and new love. It is one woman’s search for the sacred feminine, divine female power.  It is a story of transformation.

This book is a candid, insightful and lyrical mix of memoir and storytelling that explores judgment and forgiveness; separation, and connection; desire and surrender, mystery and miracles, intuition and synchronicity, faith and love . The author, trained as a counseling psychologist, uses her personal life story to point readers toward universal truth. She offers those who feel adrift or shipwrecked a life raft. She chronicles her discovery of a new compass for the voyage home, one that embraces the fullness of life and offers a logic for love and understanding.

This is story of hope that our journeys through life can be sure-footed when we listen from and follow the way of the heart, the beingness of love.

“Beautifully-written…a wild ride through the curves of love and loss, into a clearing of spiritual light…”
— Steve Chandler, Bestselling Author

“…every evocative page draws us in. Read it and reap.”
— Sam Horn, CEO, Intrigue Agency

“Linda touches the transcendent world with exquisite beauty and a wicked sense of humor.”
— Shadrick Mazaza, Physician, Founder, African Consciousness Institute

You are pure love in motion

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