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Poetic Intuition

May 21, 2021 | Intuition, Creativity

Intuition is as right as rain.  When it comes to intuition, I’d like it to rain cats and dogs every day.  I’d think the sky was falling if I couldn’t sense it.

Intuition brought jobs sprinkled with fairy dust. Intuition brought health cloaked in wizardry. Intuition brought loves crusted with sugar crystals.

Here’s the deal.  Intuition is no small thing. It’s not airy-fairy. It’s not woo-woo. You can poke holes in what I say till the cows come home and I won’t budge.

Intuition, our certain sixth sense, guides us through tough times. A Master Key, it moves us, adept and poised, through transformation.

Dewy fresh eyes, hearts that burn and exuberant libidos are the Divine inheritance of those who wear intuition on their sleeves. They are rebel adventurers.

When the wild azure iris that rings the black dot of knowing sparkles with unleashed vision, nothing dodges furtive behind grey clouds or veiled separation.

I end every day with a heaven of request for direct leads. I stumble into dawn poised to see how I’ve been answered.

Be undisturbed by mockingbirds when listening for the voice within. Copied, false songs can be loud and brilliant, but they lack the subtle Truth.

Even as a small girl, I searched for an unbroken flow of authentic truth and wisdom. It made no sense to that God darted like a tse tse fly.

Some do not wish to do the work required to follow intuition. Discernment, discipline, and bravery are required to find breadcrumbs in the half moonlight.

“Move to West Virginia to begin doctoral school,” Intuition said. The kitchen of my town-home in flatland Ohio felt like Merlin’s cave. “Ok,” I said and gulped.

I signed and folded the acceptance letter. Spring sunlight lazed behind the brown and gold drapes in the dining room. I licked the envelope and cut my tongue.

I stamped the envelope. I stamped fear. I stamped the not enough. I ran headlong into a new chapter, headlong into adventure, and headlong into scholarship.

The day we drove into Morgantown, mists frosted the tops of the hills and danced like whirled evanescent garments trailed through spindled, leafless trees.

“We’re here, can you believe it,” I said to my partner. As our toddler daughter looked on, we pinched each other. “It feels right,” he said and choked tears.

The decision to pack up a life and move it into the mountains threw every single card in our hands into the air.  We financed the choice on faith and trust.

We followed our hearts not one protective arrow in our quiver. We tracked, scented, and were rewarded.

To flow with intuition has required the sacrifice of innocence, a push beyond the blush of fear and awakened responsibility. It has required big girl pants.

I thirst for more of Intuition’s quirky flashes. I thirst to awaken others to her gifts. I thirst. I clear the spring and slake my thirst.

© 2021, Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D.

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I write for sheer joy..  And I write for others, too.  I’m all in when it comes to writing from the Truth of an authentic voice.

Website copy, ads, social media posts, blogs, program descriptions; if you can give me your best shot at what you want to say, I can polish it for you. If you do a few short exercises to help me identify the tone and tenor of your authentic voice, we can create magic. See my Copywriting page for a description of services.

I do other things, too.  A priestess-at-heart and a helper-healer, I’ve devoted close to 40 years to counseling and psychology, I now offer psycho-spiritual and intuitive conversations based on an understanding known as the Three Principles. I love putting my intuitive nature, listening presence, spiritual understanding, and counseling experience in service to others. If you can get on the Zoom platform or call me by phone, we can work together!

Perhaps the project closest to my heart right now is helping women speak their Truth from their deepest, most authentic voices.  Check out the I’m Speaking and She’s Speaking programs I co-facilitate with Lydia Randolph of You are True North Coaching.

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