The Intuitive Way of Love Podcast

with Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D

I’m on fire to help women rise up. I’ll move heaven and earth to encourage women to speak their truth. To release their sacred feminine values and power.

Join me for The Intuitive Way of Love Podcast. The show where I feature women who know they are love in motion. My guests have stepped up. They’ve become visible. They share unique messages of love and understanding so we can all have a better quality of life. They want to inspire you to know your worth. To take space. To share your precious gifts with the world. The world needs your story of love. Your love consciousness. Your love and understanding. Your message. Not tomorrow. Now…

Alternating between mini-solo episodes where I share my own wisdom, and longer form guest interviews, I hope you'll join me each week as I dive into topics that will help YOU rise up.

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Episode 24: The Dangers of Ignoring Intuition with Jamie Fiore Higgins

Candid, insightful, focused – these are the descriptors that come to mind for this interview with Jamie Fiore Higgins, author of Bully Market: My Story of Money and Misogyny at Goldman Sachs.  Jamie speaks with clarity about the dangers of ignoring intuition and the cost of sacrificing personal values to the pursuit of external rewards – money, recognition, and validation from others.

Jamie was named one of the Financial Times “Top 25 Most Influential Women of 2022, as a “teller of uncomfortable truths.”

Jamie worked as a managing director at Wall Street’s Goldman Sachs. One of just 8 percent of Goldman employees to earn the managing director title, she was the highest-ranking woman in her department. An active member of the Women’s Network Committee, Jamie ran the trainee and internship programs, recruited top equity clients, and managed $96 billion in stock.

Jamie wrote Bully Market not only as an expose’ but to share practical ideas for building healthy workplaces that work better for men, women, and their families.

Living in New Jersey with her husband and four children, she is a trained coach. She works with teens to hone their leadership skills, with high school, and college graduates as they begin careers, with professionals as they navigate the workforce, and with mid-lifers looking to reinvent themselves.

Episode 23: Intuitive Branding with Carol Hampshire

I’m so tickled to share this interview Carol Hampshire, the intuitive-creative woman who designed my new brand and website.

“Branding is about connecting,” Carol said. Carol shared her top three secrets behind a successful brand and marketing presence.

Carol also talked about her journey to find freedom in life and how hardship contributed to that.  She wants to help all her clients feel greater freedom in the way they show up in the world.

Carol is a web designer and brand strategist with over 25 years’ experience. Her unique approach is being able to intuitively tap into her clients' essence and reflect that into their brand. This in turn authentically connects and attracts their target market so they sell their offers with ease and effortlessly scale their business.

She lives in a small coastal town in South Africa and is a mermaid at heart who loves to travel, swim with dolphins and does the occasional ice bath.

I hope you enjoy Carol’s insightful, adventuring energy!

Episode 22: Living & Playing Freely with Denise Holland

Whether you’re an elite athlete, an exercise aficionado, or someone who loves to follow competitive sports, you’ll love this interview with sports performance coach, Denise Holland. She is a leader in the spiritual [yes, the “S” word] nature of human psychology behind sports performance.

Denise spent over 30 years in elite sport, competing internationally as an athlete and, more recently,
as the Scotland National Coach in netball.

Since awakening to the source and intelligence behind the human experience, Denise feels she has found the jewel of athletic performance; the opportunity and possibility to live and play freely. It has transformed how she now approaches sports coaching, being more of a catalyst for insight rather than an expert in her field.

Enjoy this gentle conversation with Denise and pick up some tips and insights to up your game!

Read more about Denise and her PlayFreely program at

Episode 21: Embracing Life's Messiness with Jacqueline Hollows

I’m delighted to bring you this lively conversation with Jacqueline (JB) Hollows. We talk about her transformative work in the U.K. criminal justice system and about her  memoir/self-help book, “Wing of an Angel” to be published Autumn, 2023.

We also talk about where life is taking her more writing and digital content creation. JB is personable, funny, insightful, and so brimming with love! She has followed the intuitive way.

JB is an author, a social entrepreneur, and a mental health mentor. Her tagline ‘Doing Life Perfectly Imperfect’ sums up her attitude of embracing the messiness of life’s journey and her ability to see the perfection in everyone she works with.

From a career in IT, to pioneering wellbeing programs in prisons, to co-authoring research papers to publishing books, to pivoting as a digital creative, Jacqueline embraces change and brings others along with her.

Check out her free course on taking Inspired Action.

J.B., Linda Pettit, and Maria Iliffe-Wood, author, and publisher, are joining forces to bring you an intimate writer’s retreat, Write to Connect with Spirit, in Criccieth, Wales, Sept. 21-24, 2023. We hope you’ll join us!

Episode 20: Standing for What is Right with Judith Sedgeman

Dr. Judith Sedgeman begins this fascinating interview with a description of how one thought about racism against childhood friends first unfolded into disillusionment but also, in the end, into a life of service to others.  In this candid interview she shares how mentors described in her memoir, “It all started with a bird” pointed the way to standing for what is right and following the intuitive way of love.  Judy shares powerful stories about how finding a feeling of Love has helped her clients – individuals and businesses – arrive at solutions to challenges.

Judy spent most of her adult life searching for the true meaning of service. Through careers in teaching, journalism, banking and entrepreneurship, service manifested in behaviors, but the feeling behind it remained elusive.

In the mid-1980’s, she stumbled across a new way to understand the spiritual source of life and the transformative power of quieting the intellect and listening for wisdom to guide us.

For the last four decades, this led her to become a mentor in the emerging field of the Three Principles and to career opportunities, peace of mind, and happiness beyond her wildest dreams as a college student longing for a rich inner life through the opportunity to serve others.

Even as she approaches her 80th birthday, she undertakes new projects and nurtures certainty that the answer to ameliorating human suffering is close at hand, visible to all who look away from turmoil towards the peace and strength within.  To learn more about Judy and work with her see:


Episode 19: Love & Possibility with Kirstien Bjerregaard

Kirstien Bjerregaard, Ph.D., MBACP is on a quest to awaken people to the possibility that they can bring well-being, wisdom, creativity, resilience and love to every life circumstance they meet.  She is a psychologist, transformative counsellor, coach, mental health and resilience educator and founder of a non-profit organization in the U.K., Field of Possibility, CIC.

After working for years on the front lines in countries requiring humanitarian assistance during crises, Kirstien found herself burned out.  She discovered a deeper resilience and re-connected with the joy of helping when she was introduced to an understanding that connects spiritual insight with psychological well-being, known worldwide as the 3 Principles.

Kirstien works with professionals in frontline response organisations and privately, with couples and individuals. She also runs the Field of Possibility, a community enterprise offering educational activities and retreats that enhance mental well-being and resilience.

Kirstien loves dancing, being a mum and creating things in their physical field of possibility in Devon. She is especially proud of having co-built, with her husband Mox, family, and friends, a natural wildlife swim pond, a reciprocal roof roundhouse and a pointless point (stone circle).  You can find Kirstien at or

Episode 18: One Solution with Mara Gleason Olsen

Mara Gleason Olsen is the co-founder of One Solution, an international nonprofit dedicated to solving large-scale global challenges by helping individuals, communities, and systems to change from within. It is Mara’s life passion to help people reconnect to their innate well-being, resilience and capacity for new ideas because it is the most efficient and sustainable solution to any problem.

Mara talks with me about her work to help people from all walks of life find well-being and solutions to tough challenges, including MIT-trained physicists, UN directors, US Marines, NHL players, Microsoft managers, prison inmates and young people in South Side Chicago, Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank.

In this moving and intimate interview, Mara acknowledges that the intuitive way of love has guided her and her family, one next small right step at a time, through a crushing personal loss. You will fall in love with this beautiful woman who is a brilliant influencer and a vulnerable, open-hearted woman, wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend.

Prior to creating One Solution, from 2010-2016 Mara partnered with Aaron Turner to found and co-direct One Thought, a New York/London-based company that trained thousands of organizational leaders from around the world. Her “Super Power” talk to high school students in south side Chicago was featured on the popular digital platform Goalcast, viewed over 2 million times.

Mara is the author of Amazon #1 best-selling book One thought changes everything. She is a sought-after speaker at international conferences, was a speaker for TEDx Countdown, and has been a featured guest on many podcasts. Mara graduated with a master’s degree from Columbia University in 2006. She sits on the board of EveryMom Chicago and Sarsen. She currently lives in Chicago with her husband and co-director of One Solution, Eirik Olsen, and their two children.

Episode 17: Soulful Hydration

Are you feeling daunted? De-energized? Unfocused? Unclear about next steps?  Scared? Chances are good those feelings are indicators of psychic dryness…a thirst for inner wisdom, hydration from the soul. The antidote is intentional solitude found both in small bites and larger chunks of time built around inward listening, pleasure, and sensory refreshment.

In this mini-podcast I share this bit of wisdom from the “Sealskin, Soulskin” tale in Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book, Women Who Run With the Wolves:

"It is commingling with soul that causes us to glow bright with spirit, willing to assert our talents, whatever they might be.  It is that brief, even momentary, but intentional union that support us to live out our inner lives so that instead of burying them in the self-inversion of shame, fear of reprisal or attack, lethargy, complacency, or other limiting reasonings and excuses, we let our inner lives wave, flare, blaze on the outside for all to see.” – [Page 295]

Flowers come to mind. In their active phases, they bloom and blossom. They wither and dry.  They drop.  Their host greenery seems dormant – but hidden roots and shoots pull in nutrients needed for the next cycle.  Perhaps despite even our best day-to-day self-care, there are natural cycles of creativity that beg our respect and surrender. Support your next blaze with hydration from the depths of your being.

Episode 16: Listening is Love with Liz Scott

In this episode, Linda and Liz Scott talk about the intuitive step-by-step knowing that guided Liz and her husband, Stu, to found Inner Compass, a nonprofit organization that points people toward their natural well-being. Inner Compass functions in their local community and is creating a pool of volunteer listeners to help the lonely and isolated feel a sense of connection and belonging.

Inner Compass’ programs are called Well-being Listening.  We talk about the power of listening to the health, the love at the heart of all human beings.  We talk about the connection between intuition and listening.  Liz explains how a metaphor, the inner diamond, reminds us of the wisdom each of us has to offer to a world very much in need of it.  We also talk about how we can hang onto hope and truth in a world that can feel scary and difficult.

Listening is at the heart of Liz’s work …. it always has been. The thread of listening has been woven through her work as a BBC reporter, coach, facilitator, trainer, podcaster, and author of the book To Listen is to Love.

Liz lives on the southern edge of Dartmoor in the UK and every day she immerses herself in nature, walking across the moors and watching the seasons change.

To contact her or purchase her book, visit 

Episode 15: Artists of Life

In “Artists of Life” Linda talks about the “ABC” of creativity: Acknowledging creative essence and its unique expression; Bamboozling your inner critic and Creating space with your presence to your creativity.

Episode 14: Understanding Conflict with Jane Lemmeke

Jane Lemmeke co-founded, alongside her husband, Sten, House in the Woods, a program based in Denmark which provides homes for people with severe learning disabilities who have tendencies toward violent behavior.  By following intuitive knowing, in just eight years, they effortlessly grew House in the Woods to 14 residences staffed by 130 employees.  This podcast describes Love in motion.

In this podcast episode, Jane talks about how seeing the health in people, knowing how to BE in and lead people back to calm, and not taking the behavior of others personally allows her, and her staff, to create environments of love that bring out the best in others. Her wisdom points all of us toward new ways of understanding conflict.  She describes a logic that can help us remain in loving feelings no matter how difficult the behavior around us is. Jane and Sten have helped many distraught parents reconnect with and enjoy calm, beautiful relationships with children who struggle to understand the world around them.

Jane’s life is a testament to the loving service we can continue to give in our seasoned years. We also discuss the joys and pleasures of grandparenting!

Episode 13: Weighing In

In this episode, Linda weighs in on weight loss. She talks about factors contributing to her slim down: asking for spiritual help, getting real about the simple equation behind weight, the value of commitment to her love relationship with her body, and intuitive eating. There are no judgments, prescriptions or diet recommendations here – just a few gentle, simple observations about insights that have served Linda well to keep weight off her mind.

Episode 12: Activism & Spiritual Subculture with Ami Chen Mills-Naim

Ami Chen Mills-Naim is a woman who has traveled off the beaten path. She tempers a rebellious spirit with a reflective heart. “I haven’t gone blindly,” she said. “I grapple with choices and go with what feels right, despite disapproval and disagreement.” Her path has called her to be a climate activist, social justice advocate, spiritual teacher, podcast and radio show host, coach, trainer, writer and author.

When she was a little girl, Ami had dreams about two worlds – one falling apart and abandoned; the other transformed by tolerance, compassion, and kindness beyond words to describe the beauty of it. She builds the latter.

In this segment, Ami shares caution about becoming part of spiritual subcultures that are meant to loosen our identities but end up becoming another “system of thought” that can become restrictive. She speaks of her own spiritual journey and the joy of embracing women teachers who embody the way of the sacred feminine. “Perhaps if we better acknowledge our deep loves,” she says. “We will be more moved to protect them.” Don’t miss this searching interview with one of my treasured spiritual mentors and friends.

Ami’s book, The Spark Inside is available on To learn more about Ami and her many services, visit She is on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Episode 11: The Sound of Silence

In this episode, Linda speaks of being reminded how powerful it is to make decisions, lead, build businesses, and connect with others from a place of stillness within. The knowing that we all seek about next right steps will come from silence in intuitive and synchronistic ways. Doing rooted in this place of being is rewarded beyond measure.


Episode 10: Leading from Love with Jacqueline Mcmenamin

Jacqueline McMenamin is an expert in senior leadership development with Roche, one of the world’s largest biotech companies, as well as a leading provider of in-vitro diagnostics and a global supplier of transformative innovative solutions across major disease areas.

In this potent and transparent interview, Jacqueline discusses how the Covid pandemic created awareness that a new kind of leadership is needed in the world, one that integrates feminine and masculine values across gender identity. This new leadership honors intuition, self-awareness, vision, collaboration, compassion, transparency and vulnerability. This new leadership honors love as foundational. Jacqueline is a voice for this new leadership – clear, articulate, and self-aware.

Jacqueline talks about what it means to lead from the inside-out, from innate creativity, resourcefulness, and wholeness. She discusses the importance of transforming narrative stories about the self as leader so that the fullness of possibility can emerge. With generosity of spirit, she offers her story of a changed relationship with a speech impediment as an example. With fierce sensitivity, Jacqueline tells us how seeing the relationship between dignity and divinity and becoming grounded through small acts of kindness have guided her through the uniqueness of “being a spiritual Being having a. Black woman’s experience” in the corporate environment.

Episode 9: Consistency in Business

Showing up for clients even when our personal lives are challenging is important for
helping professionals. Emotional maturity, self-compassion, and awareness of a
spiritual guidance system behind life can help us be consistent even in the toughest
times. Linda shares a story about a colleague who showed her that acknowledgment,
nonresistance, and presence allow us to be fully human and fully grace-filled in the face of hardship.

Episode 8: Coming Home with Natasha Swerdloff

Nearly two decades into a career as a psychotherapist and corporate trainer, Natasha
Swerdloff chanced upon the 3 Principles, a psychospiritual understanding brought to the world by Sydney Banks. As she learned about the 3 Principles, Natasha shifted into a quieter, less reactive, more peaceful state and observed less conflict in relationships, especially with her mom. The shifts were effortless. When she shared the understanding with clients, they observed the same shifts, often with quick ease.

In this interview, Natasha points to the simplicity of the 3 Principles with accessible depth. Today, Natasha is honored to serve as the Vice President on the board of the Three Principles Global Community [3PGC]. She founded the Principles Institute and co-authored Coming Home: Uncovering the Foundations of Psychological Well-Being, with colleague Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D. Natasha shares the 3 Principles understanding with individual clients, in group programs, and on webinars, conferences, podcasts and via her YouTube channel. She can be found at

Episode 7: Moods

Before her introduction to an understanding that links psychology and spirituality, Linda was prone to moods and to seeing life through the eyes of a mood! Sometimes, not a pretty sight! In this mini-cast, Linda talks about a recent experience of being in a low mood and how she moved through it undisturbed, even with wisdom! Don’t miss this helpful conversation about our innate emotional maturity.

Episode 6: Space of Love with Gayle Nobel

For Gayle Nobel, severe autism is up close and personal – she is mom to a 38-year-old son who is nonverbal, and guardian of an older brother. Over time, she has found her way to a space of Love, less resistance, and acceptance, which has allowed her to be a more present, intuitive, and wise caregiver.

When Gayle came across a nonreligious spiritual understanding known as the 3 Principles, she discovered much greater ability to relax, trust her inner wisdom, see creative solutions to hard challenges and find harmony between her needs and the needs of others. Anyone who has ever found themselves facing an unexpected challenge will find grace and practical wisdom in this interview.

Gayle is the author of "Space of Love: Understanding the Power of Thought and Wisdom in Living with Autism" and "Breathe: 52 Oxygen-Rich Tools for Loving and Living Well with Autism."

Learn more about Gayle Nobel's books and services.

Episode 5: Dreaming into 2023

Linda closes out 2022 and welcomes the New Year with this reflection on the power of imagination and the elixir of following our dreams.

Episode 4: Sweet Sorrow with Sherry Cormier, Ph.D.

Author of Sweet Sorrow: Finding Enduring Wholeness After Grief, Dr. Sherry Cormier, Counseling Psychologist, describes spiritual awakenings that occurred following the closely spaced deaths of her husband, mother, father, and sister. She reveals experiences that transformed her understanding of life, death, and life after death.

Sherry describes the creative growth that is possible in the wake of seismic losses.

Learn more about Sherry's personal development and training services.

Episode 3: Pleasure

In this mini-cast Linda describes our mystical and innate ability to experience emotional and sensory pleasure.  She talks about checking in with our experience of pleasure as a valuable guide to our alignment with inner wisdom.


Episode 2: A Caged Mind with Maria Iliffe-Wood

Maria Iliffe-Wood, a personal coach and publisher, is the author of five book. In her latest book A caged mind: How spiritual understanding changed a life, Maria talks about how spiritual insight, a knowing accompanied by warm feelings, brought contentment and shifted her beyond the noise of insecure thinking. She unlocked a mental cage of her own making.

Maria describes how insight guided her out of difficult relationships, brought peace with the past, transformed her fraught relationship with religion, and unfolded a happy marriage and successful businesses.

Learn more about Maria Iliffe-Wood's writing and publishing services.


-Episode 1: The Intuitive Way of Love

Linda welcomes her listeners, describes this series of mini-casts and guest interviews, and talks about how it came to be. She points to the significance of flowing with the Intuitive Way of Love.