Parenting from Kindness

15 March 2024

7 year old boy, looking at a live butterfly that sits on his father´s finger. Focus is on the butterfly. - Please see also our other butterfly images:

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The little boy, a pint-sized bundle of energy, squatted on the sidewalk, a tiny stick in his hand, no more than a leaf stem. He had turned a grey centipede over with the stick and watched the bug shake its many legs. The boy seemed curious.

“Honey,” how would you feel if I turned you over on your back and poked you in the tummy?” the young mother asked her son.

Bright sunlight glistened on the sidewalk, wet from sprinklers that had just turned off. The little boys knees were scuffed, scratched, the way little boys knees often are. His feet were bare. He stared at the squirming bug, thoughtful.

“We choose kindness,” the young mother said, her voice soft, firm. The little boy looked back and forth between his Mama and the bug.  He thought.  He righted the bug. The Mama ruffled her son’s hair and hugged him.  He moved on to another pursuit.

A young psychologist, also a mother, said in a conversation with me a couple of days ago, that parents today feel adrift, lost, anxious.  Inadvertently, a therapeutic environment that has become so trauma-focused may have produced a generation of parents who think they do not know how to parent, who are afraid that any move they make, any misstep, may traumatize their children.

But I am so hopeful for modern parents.  They are so much wiser than I was as a parent.  So much more aware. The young mama I observed used a simple teachable moment to show her young son something profound.  It was common sense.  It was simplicity itself.  It was delivered without judgment.  It was kindness in motion.

All is well and will be well when we trust the intuitive Beingness of Love at our core.  It cannot be anxious. It cannot misstep. It cannot miss the mark.  Only when we separate ourselves from it via our insecure thinking are we at any risk of doing another harm.

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Dr. Linda Sandel Pettit is an author, writer, speaker, and mentor. Her transformational memoir, Leaning into Curves: Trusting the Wild Intuitive Way of Love is available on Amazon and many other book platforms. Learn more about her at

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