The Intuitive Way of Love

A Year of Masterclasses with Linda Pettit

Meet with me once a month for a 90-minute Masterclass on, Saturday, Noon-1:30PM Arizona time. Discover the magic, mystery and simple logic behind intuition.


Intuition is a spiritual gift...pure love in motion

Intuition is accessible to everyone. Intuition is pure Love in motion. Let's have a conversation about the shifts that create a pure connection to intuition.

Intuition points to truth, beauty, and service.  Within the flow of it, you act from your inner wisdom and power. You enhance the quality of your life. You bring pure Love into every corner of human existence.

Step into a year of transformative Love. Step into deeper inner knowing. Step beyond the ways you, in innocence, block your intuitive knowing. Step into trust of the guide within you. Step into these vibrant, once-a-month Saturday Masterclasses.  

Join me for all or pick a few.

I’m on fire to raise the power of sacred feminine wisdom, which exists in all of us, independent of embodied gender.  

You want to speak from your deepest, most knowing voice. Through your gifts and talents, you want to express the values of compassion, kindness, collaboration, cooperation, peace, nurturance, service, and reverence for the body and nature.

Your unique path, your unique message, your magical, mysterious raison d'être is revealed through intuitive guidance, pure love in motion. You are guided by unseen hands.

My journey has taught me that there are fundamental shifts that open the portal for intuition and pave the way for perfect Self-expression.  Let’s explore those shifts and open those portals.

Join me for this entire Masterclass series, a subset of your choosing, or for those sessions that feel “just right” for you.  

“You are being invited to expand your consciousness and look way beyond the confines of your own life, to join a movement of development of the quality of human life.” 

– Sarah McCrum, Love Money, Money Loves You, page 197

Testimonials about Linda’s facilitation from the prequel “I’m Speaking” Group Program:

“I felt held and heard with kindness and no conditions. When a facilitator is grounded in love as you are and is willing to be guided and to guide from love then it's easy to meet her there...magic happens. Love your sense of humor and how easy you see the funny side of things.”

“I appreciated the way that you lead the group from a powerfully intuitive, deeply wise, divine feminine place that was so inspiring and helped modeled what's possible for all of us. I felt seen and mirrored by you. It was an uplifting and empowering experience for me!”

"You held a sacred space of all of us. I think for women to open up in such a vulnerable way requires not only a place in which trust is fostered but one in which vulnerability and respect is modeled. You did all of this with grace, compassion, love, and tenderness.”

A Year with Linda Pettit

Meet with me once a month for a 90-minute Masterclass on, Saturday, Noon-1:30PM Arizona time.  I will share for 30-45 minutes and facilitate a discussion for the remaining time.  Come to be inspired, to reflect, and to share your wisdom!

Here’s the scoop on the content of each masterclass


Saturday, January 7, 2023

You will be inspired to clear the weeds and pour the foundation for your own intuitive “house that love built.” You believe in intuition and synchronicity, but you want to see them more, trust them and put your faith in them. When you flow with these powerful gifts of the spiritual intelligence behind life, a loving, self-expressed path unfolds in a magical, mysterious way. 

Intuition is love in action. Certain shifts or transformational understandings align us with the revelation of intuitive Wisdom.  Join me for this overview class which will set the frame and tone for the series.


#2: Shifting from “Thought-Full” to “Thought-Less”

Saturday, February 4, 2023

I hope you’ll excuse my odd play on words! This is one conversation where we’ll give ourselves permission to be “thought-less.” 

You tend to over-think how you show up in the world.  You “should” on yourself without mercy.  I should be a “good.” I should be seen and not heard. I should be approved of.  I should fit the mold. I shouldn’t rock the boat. I shouldn’t take up too much space. I shouldn’t share who I think I am – I might be judged! 

Your first shift is toward the silence within – to see a new relationship to your personal thinking, to understand the difference between personal and impersonal Thought. This shift frees you from the tyranny of should-isms and opens a space for Wisdom to reveal the power and message it wishes to BE through you.


#3: Shifting from Numb to Noticing

Saturday, March 4, 2023

You get intuitive hits, hunches or “knowings” from time to time.  You wish it happened more often. It seems “on again-off again”. You may have noticed synchronicities, but you wonder if you’re just being fanciful in sensing connections between unrelated events.  You may think of synchronicity as quirky, and unpredictable. 

Intuitive information is pulsing to you in every moment.  Unfortunately, most of us are not conscious, or awake to this embodied sensory system that lands in the body as a “knowing.”  We move through life numb to robust, trustworthy, and powerful guidance. We discount it as “woo woo,” “out there,” “airy-fairy,” a “woman’s thing,” or as a personality trait, we weren’t born with. This shift toward noticing brings intuition out of the shadows and into the front and center of life. It makes intuition ordinary, extraordinary, accessible, and practical – a natural phenomenon from the lens of “oneness.”


#4: Shifting from Precarious to Poised

Saturday, April 15, 2023

You’re comfortable with the notion of a “higher power.” You recognize that there’s a spiritual intelligence in all of life.  You feel connected to it, but maybe only some of the time, so your grounding in life can be precarious and insecure.  

On the intuitive way of life, you know with ever deeper consciousness that you are a manifestation of Mind, a spiritual intelligence that is both formless and takes form in the motion of life. You become a tuning fork to intuitive wisdom.  You experience a resonance beyond empathy.  You understand who you are and what that means.  This ongoing shift transforms insecurity to poise, a stance of balance, grace, and adaptive freedom.


#5: Shifting from Worry to Wonder

Saturday, May 6, 2023

You try to stay positive.  You know it’s good for your health and well-being.  Isn’t it natural, you think, to feel worried in a time when the world seems so out of balance and the level of consciousness appears dangerous and low?

Isn’t it natural to worry about your kids, money, climate change or world war?

The shift from worry to wonder is a potent alteration in stance that brings adaptability, maneuverability, and the secret sauce to change, a recipe made of insight, creativity, and the next right action.  Worry constricts the flow of wisdom.  Wonder opens the portal wide.  This single shift can open a trickle of intuitive knowing into a gush.


#6: Shifting from Seriousness to En-joy-ment

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Can it be possible that life is heaven on earth? Can it be possible that heaven is a state of mind, a persistent flow of enjoyment and light-heartedness? You know the answer is “yes” because you touch that state from time to time when you least expect it.  But enjoyment may seem contingent to you – tied to external circumstances.

The sudden and reality-shattering death of my first husband brought with it a gift that startled me. The gift was the awareness that subtle enjoyment peeks through conscious life in a continuous way.  It is non-contingent, a gift that arises from within us.  It takes effort [which shows up as seriousness] to resist this unstoppable force.  This shift opens new possibilities for a wild, wonderful ride through life and psychological immunity to long-haul mental distress.


#7: Shifting from Hurt to Forgiveness

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Your spiritual journey and evolving consciousness have shown the way to let go of hurts from the past. But it seems there are exceptions, areas where the light of forgiveness has not yet pierced the shadows.  Maybe there is an area that asks you to forgive the unforgivable. You may have forgiven people for past hurts but forgiving the messiness of life -- that has eluded you. 

For some, the shift to forgiveness is all-encompassing. For many, it is more like peeling back the layers of an onion.  The intuitive way of Love will guide you to those places that ache for the medicine of forgiveness.  Each letting go, each surrender, each release of resistance, opens the spiritual eye wider.  The implications of this shift are potent for each person, community, and world.


#8: Shifting from Grief to Gratitude

August 5, 2023

You’ve experienced losses, we all do!  Some may have been easier than others to accept and accommodate.  In her book, Women Who Run with the Wolves, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola-Estes suggests that the happiest among us are wise folk who have learned to flow with the “life-death-life” cycle.  There is no doubt in my mind that grief has been one of my most potent teachers. 

During my bereavement and grief after my first husband’s death, my awareness of the silence behind life and of the spiritual fact that we are guided through everything became keen and sharp.  Surrender to that silence and the power of that guidance system moved me out of grief and toward gratitude.  I saw that the feeling of gratitude is a desk-top shortcut to intuitive knowing.  You’ll take a leap toward harmony with the life-death-life cycle in this masterclass.


#9: Shifting from Anger to Compassion

September 9, 2023

You have compassion for others, and you demonstrate it.  You prefer the feeling of compassion to the feeling of anger.  Yet, there are times when you feel “triggered” into anger.  Some mechanism in you that monitors the perception of threat seems to react before you even have the chance to think about it!  As the first order of business, in this masterclass we will explore the value and importance of compassion for the embodied self. You will consider new ways of thinking about and responding to the “signal” of anger. 

Together, we will explore the options of non-disturbance and compassion as legitimate, more effective first responses to threat signals. You will see that spiritual understanding does not bypass difficult feelings, nor does it relegate you to the status of “doormat.”  In fact, such understanding courts intuitive knowing and potent responsiveness to difficult situations.


#10: Shifting from Darkness to Brilliance

October 7, 2023

You look around you and see flashes of beauty and brilliance in the human condition.  However, in this time of unrest and disruption, the darkness can loom large and feel overwhelming. It is so easy to slip into an “ain’t it awful” state of mind and into awfulizing conversation. 

In this masterclass we will explore the power of consciousness and the importance of holding a vision of possibility, beauty, and brilliance for the human condition.  We will explore the differences between “spiritual bypass” and focusing on what spiritual teacher Sydney Banks called the “what is-ness.” You will consider what it means, and how it looks and feels, to show up as a being of light in your world. You will explore the consciousness of the intuitive master who dreams a brilliant Now.


#11: Shifting from Scattered Focus to Committment

Rescheduled to: January 6, 2024

It's the new year!  Who doesn't give some thought to their hopes and dreams for the year?  Make some resolutions. Resolve to develop some new habits. Buy a self-help book for fresh input.  What's up with that?

Something about not just turning a page in a calendar but starting a FRESH one sparks hope that we might figure out how to finally master that one, two or three things that we believe keep us from feeling good about ourselves and life.

And yet, for many, maybe most of us, resolutions and plans are forgotten by the end of the month.

In this rescheduled webinar, we will explore the magic of COMMITMENT to right action that begins in a deep KNOWING and clear THINKING. We will explore how knowing who we are, in our essence, increases the likelihood that we will consciously honor the commitments we make.  Commitment that comes from our essence has a different feel, certainty and power and is destined to produce results that we can receive with joy.

Sustaining commitment from our essence REQUIRES an ability to quickly self-forgive when we fall short, rooted in a SINCERE compassion for our humanity.

In this masterclass we will talk about refraining from judging ourselves for our judgments, which just feeds the judgment cycle and leads to feelings of hopelessness and discouragement. Instead, we will explore ways to sustain a creative cycle of reinvention.


#12: Shifting from Muddle to THE MYSTERY OF BEINGNESS

Saturday, December 2, 2023

The holidays invite us to slow down, to bask in love, to appreciate joy and to revel in the warmth of family and friends. Yet, we often feel sped up, stressed.

It’s a wonderful time to check inside and ask, “Who am I BEING?”  From what STATE OF MIND am I observing life? What is it that I want to create?

Am I urgent or still?  Am I frazzled or joyful?  Am I judgmental or loving? Where am I on the continuum between those opposites, moment to moment?

I’ve been thinking a lot about a continuous feedback cycle: Thinking leads to Being leads to Doing leads to Resulting/Receiving leads to Thinking leads to...

Our options are to get CAUGHT in a CLOSED, pessimistic feedback loop OR to dance along a spiral of evolving love and joy, finding a state of BEING that expands effortlessly.  Please join me for this EXPLORATION of the mysterious SPIRAL of BEING!


A Year with Linda Pettit

Meet with me once a month for a 90-minute Masterclass on, Saturday, Noon-1:30PM Arizona time.  I will share for 30-45 minutes and facilitate a discussion for the remaining time.  Come to be inspired, to reflect, and to share your wisdom!