Linda’s Biography

Linda fell in love with writing at her all-girls Catholic high school, Ladywood, in Livonia, Michigan, and in her senior year served as editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, the Star, and copy editor of the yearbook, the Veil.

She earned a baccalaureate degree in journalism from Michigan State University (MSU) in East Lansing, Michigan, in 1975.  While at MSU, she worked for three years as a reporter/writer for the award-winning Michigan State News.  During her final year at the paper, she served as the night managing editor responsible for laying out and proofing daily news content.

After graduating, Linda worked as a graphic designer for a printing company and created business cards, logos, menus, flyers and more.  In 1977, she landed a position in corporate communications with Comshare, a timesharing company (an early version of “cloud” computing) based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

A promotion to public relations management expanded her experience beyond production of an internal news magazine to external publicity, advertising, annual report production, video scripts and more. While with Comshare, Linda also served in the marketing communications department and wrote everything from promotional literature to technical manuals.

A chance encounter with psychology in the form of a psychodrama workshop ignited a passion in Linda to serve others as a helping professional. Linda began her work in counseling in 1983 after she completed a master’s degree in Counselor Education from Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan.

Linda’s first job in counseling was as a front-line behavior specialist with adolescents involved in both the mental health and juvenile justice systems in Toledo, Ohio. She later worked as a counselor in both an inpatient and outpatient hospital-based addiction unit at Flower Memorial Hospital in Sylvania, Ohio.

She was offered her first entrepreneurial job as a contract consulting director to a juvenile runaway shelter, Connecting Point, that eventually became a triage unit for most adolescents entering the mental health/juvenile justice system in Toledo, Ohio.  She wrote and administered the federal grants that supported the program. Once she got a taste of working as CEO of her own company, she never looked back.

In 1987, Linda began doctoral studies in counseling psychology at West Virginia University. She earned her Ed.D. (Doctorate in Education) in 1991. She completed her doctoral internship at Quinco Consulting Center in Columbus, Indiana, a community agency and psychiatric hospital, and published a qualitative dissertation, “Self-Understanding and Empathy Development in Seasoned Psychotherapists.”

Subsequently, Linda established her first private practice in Parkersburg, West Virginia, where she specialized in serving women and couples with a wide variety of concerns. While in Parkersburg, Linda worked closely with a colleague to establish and offer programs in mental well-being, creativity, women’s studies and spirituality at The Manor Retreat and Conference Center.  She established a women’s creativity community known as Diana’s Circle. Along with eight other thought leaders in alternative medicine, she also founded a holistic healing network in West Virginia.

Linda got interested in coaching in 2005 and completed a Mentor Coach training program for helping professionals to add this specialty to her practice as a counseling psychologist. For a year, she studied internet marketing and coaching business practices. She completed Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid program in 2005, as well as his content creation program.

Linda hired her first web designer to support her new business, WisdomSources, and taught herself the hellacious web design program, Dreamweaver, so that she could maintain and reconfigure it to keep up with her business evolution. Eventually, she worked with a top designer in Vancouver, Canada, to create her second site, Embrace Your Creative Spirit.

After learning about the 3 Principles psychospiritual understanding, Linda returned to the practice of counseling.

In 2005, Linda moved her private practice to Morgantown, West Virginia, to serve college students, executives, academic professionals, women, and couples. During her years in private practice, Linda established a reputation as a national speaker and consulting psychologist, providing hundreds of talks and training events to businesses, government, professional associations, community agencies, prisons, and the public.

A consummate teacher, Linda was thrilled to accept an offer in 2011 to serve as Director of Counselor Education and Assistant Professor of Counselor Education at her alma mater, Siena Heights University.  Both before and during her tenure at Siena Heights, Linda taught a wide range of counseling and psychology courses at the bachelors, masters and doctoral levels including theories, counseling skills, case conceptualization, diagnosis, psychopharmacology, group leadership, lifespan psychology, diversity, practicum, internship, and research, among many others.

Promoted to Dean of the Siena Heights University Graduate College in 2013, she served until December 2016 leaving only to dedicate her professional time to the Drs. Pettit business that she shares with her husband, William F. Pettit, Jr., MD, psychiatrist.  Along with Bill, she wrote the copy for their website They collaborated with Monica Carota a Canadian designer, on the creation of the lovely site.

As a 3 Principles practitioner, Linda has provided a wide array of programs, including Life As Spiritual Theater, and I’m Speaking – a popular program for women ready to acknowledge the beauty of their voices and messages.  She has also provided countless free webinars and podcasts on the 3 Principles, love, intuition, spirituality, and mental health and has spoken at numerous conferences across the United States and in Europe.

In 2019, Linda took her first Method Writing program with Jules Swales and fell in love with the genre of creative nonfiction.   She’s been blogging ever since and is finalizing a manuscript, a memoir, entitled Leaning into Curves: A Therapists Rediscovery of Love and Wisdom. In 2022, five of her essays were published in an anthology, Stories from the Muses: Become a Better Writer. An experiment with fiction is in her future!

Linda held licenses to practice psychology in Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, and West Virginia – all were retired by 2017 in good standing.

Linda’s had the pleasure to work with Carol Hampshire, a brand expert and top web designer for premium coaches, of South Africa, to build her new website at