Holy Light

29 November 2022

night scene of a desert with a cactus decorated with Christmas lights and a starry sky. 3d rendering

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I steered my car around a dark, forested bend in the road that ran alongside the Little Kanawha River. The 68-mile commute along West Virginia byways from my home in Millstone to my office in Parkersburg was as familiar to me as the back of my hand. Each curve was an intimate friend. Miles stretched under unlit skies and flexed their muscles, testing my driving acumen.

When, at last, a home appeared somewhere on the side of the road, I was comforted. Light pouring from the windows warmed me, reminded me that I was not alone. I developed the habit of blessing the inhabitants and sending a prayer out that everyone inside felt safe.

Thinking about this recalls my visit to Norway and Sweden this past year, I was delighted to see small lamps set in the windows of most homes. This was a simple way to bring cheer and warmth to passers-by when the winters extend the hours of darkness.

I also recall my 5-year-old grandson’s recent Christmas letter to the North Pole. He wrote, “Dear Santa, I want a Sonic Runner,” printed in red crayon in big, bold letters on lined loose-leaf paper, “and Christmas lights. Thank you, Luke.” It touched my heart that he asked for the beauty of Christmas lights.

In times of physical darkness, and in times of psychological and spiritual darkness, we can all look for and notice the light and be the light for each other. We just never know how or when our beam of light will bring comfort, warmth or even save a life.

May you beam bright into your world during this season, these holidays of Light.

© Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D., 2022
Photo by Antonio Solano courtesy of Istockphoto
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