Trust Divine Feminine Wisdom.

Helping is written on your heart.

You’re a woman and a helping professional.
Kudos for earning your helping wings.

The Healer’s Sanctuary

You want to lighten the load of helping. You want To awaken a new level of hope and possibility for clients. You want a fresh vocabulary, a new understanding, that breaks down inner barriers to happiness and love.

The Healer’s Sanctuary was created for you.


You’re a seeker. For a simple, efficient way to ameliorate suffering.
For a way to bring a non–religious spiritual understanding into your work. You want a refreshing practice at a perfect pace for you.
You embrace an abundant life.
We’ve created The Healer’s Sanctuary for you…

Milly Gilin and I share your sense of helping as a sacred vocation. Years ago, Milly and I met Sydney Banks, a humble welder who shared with the world a non-religious spiritual understanding called the 3 Principles.

We are happier, more contented human beings because of the 3 Principles understanding. We brought them into our work and saw lives change.

We are engaged and fully alive master helpers. Our mission is to be messengers of love to the world.

The 3 Principles make LOVE and well-being accessible and sustainable to all.

You might be new to the 3 Principles. You might have a foot in the door and want to expand your insights wider. You might be “all in” and eager to evolve.

“When you sit in Milly’s presence, you feel safe, unjudged, and uplifted. I have been graced by her presence countless times over the last 25 years. I love being with her – we can talk about any topic. I come away with a smile on my face and a warmth within. Anyone who knows Milly will agree that she has a BIG heart. She exudes warmth, kindness, and caring. She helps others, not by trying to help, but by being fully herself. Milly’s quiet, gentle manner, her natural humility, and easy laugh bring out the best in others. She is a natural healer.”

Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D.

3 Principles Mentor; 3 Principles Global Community Board Member
Co-author with Natasha Swerdloff of “Coming Home”
Retired Clinical Psychologist

“Linda is truly a healer's healer. I met her on Valentine’s Day 2003 when she presented a Grand Rounds at West Virginia University’s Medical Complex on the “Healing Power of Unconditional Love.” Both widows, we married seven months later. Linda has a gift of quiet listening that brings rapid rapport and trust. She shares her understanding of the metaphor of the 3 universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought with a clarity that awakens hope in the hopeless.”

William F. Pettit, Jr., MD.

Retired Psychiatrist
Internationally known 3 Principles-based Wellbeing Coach & Mental Health Educator
Adjunct Clinical Professor, Creighton University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

What is the Healers Sanctuary?

The Healer’s Sanctuary is a dialogue between wise women, limited to 10 participants. The Sanctuary rests on essential feminine values: collaboration, nurturance, connection, wisdom, and intuition.

It’s a safe space to share stumbles and stories. To ask questions and offer insights. To plumb the practical beauty of the 3 Principles. It is not curriculum-based, or facilitator-driven.

We’ll deepen our understanding of the 3 Principles. We’ll polish our unique way of sharing them.

We’ll explore our gifts and challenges and see the health, truth and beauty in ourselves and our clients.

We’ll renew our joy and deep gratitude for the helping work we and others do.

We’ll explore the breathtaking power of the listener, the listened to, and the magic power of listening.

We’ll realize what we want to create and contribute now.

We’ll allow our next steps to unfold from happiness and contentment.

Discover the 3 Principles. Trust Divine Feminine Wisdom. Unfold your Truth. Be a Powerful Healer.

Rediscover Divine Wisdom.

The Healer’s Sanctuary is a place of shared uplift to the highest, most effective, and ethical helping we can embody.

The Healer’s Sanctuary

We’ll curate passages from the works of Sydney Banks and other spiritual teachers to guide our conversations. You’ll mentor, be mentored, and be supported with love. We’ll facilitate collaborative supervision of 3 Principles work with clients.

Two 2-hour group meetings per month on the 1st and 3rd Mondays from 9-11AM Arizona time. Tuition includes two individual coaching sessions with Milly and two with Linda.

The Healer’s Sanctuary opens its doors on October 17, 2022. Enrollment will be ongoing but capped at 10. We’ll keep a waiting list for the next available spot.

You invest in a one-time payment of $2000 for 6-months in the Sanctuary or $2200 for a payment plan with a down payment of $1200 and five monthly payments of $200.

Learn more about us

Linda Pettit

Linda is an internationally recognized 3 Principles mentor.

Compassionate and no-nonsense. An intuitive listener. A laser-focused lover of truth and beauty. An experienced helper who brings out the best in others. A wise woman, a crone. A fiercely sensitive creative. An artist with words. First a wife, mother, and grandmother and second, a passionate entrepreneur.

Milly says of Linda…

“Linda leaves a trail of light in her wake wherever she goes. She has a zest for life like the first firefly you see in summer. Then, before you know it, the field around her is full of fireflies lighting up the world and you are one of them. The depth of her experience, beauty, love, clarity, devotion, strength, joy and understanding shines bright and is her gift to everyone fortunate enough to be in her life.”

Read Linda’s Professional Bio Here >

Milly Gilin

Milly is a seasoned and grounded mentor who shares the 3 Principles. A tender and wise mentor.

A deeply intuitive listener. A wife, mother, and devoted grandmother. A practical woman who guides others from a gentle deep wisdom. Without judgment. With sensitivity. With love. She is a master listener with uncommon clarity and common sense.

Linda says of Milly...

“In Milly’s presence, I feel quiet. Her beautiful, kind essence is a sanctuary. I simply slow down to the speed of love whenever I’m around her. She’s a true seer – quick to glimpse and beam her gentle light on the beauty of every person she encounters. Milly’s loving manner, and deep wisdom rocket straight into the heart of those who pull up a chair to listen. Get your cup of tea. You’re in for a rare treat!”

Read Milly’s Professional Bio Here >

A Conversation Between Milly and Linda

Pull up your chair and join Milly and Linda for a quiet conversation about The Healer's Sanctuary. We are thrilled to invite you to this program, a safe space that honors your wisdom, your voice and your unique way of helping others.

“It has been a pleasure to know Milly for almost 30 years. We spent countless hours working together, sharing our understanding of the 3 principles with people from a wide array of backgrounds and experiences. Milly is a gifted teacher emanating wisdom, safety, love, and compassion in each encounter you have with her. You can feel the depth of her understanding of the 3 Principles before she utters a word. Milly is one of the best empathic listeners I have ever known, willing to step into a state of service with people and ask wise, thoughtful questions that can lead to the kind of realizations that change the course of a person’s life. Her way of describing the 3 Principles is a rare combination of simple and profound. Milly is a wonderful mentor and guide and creates a heartfelt and open learning space to best help you find your way home to yourself.”

Lisa Laughman, LMSW

Coordinator, Spartan Resilience Program
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

"I've appreciated working with Linda for the past several years in groups, as a 1:1 apprentice, and as a co-facilitator. She hears deeply, and responds in practical, specific, and life-affirming ways. Linda shares from the heart about being a spiritual essence in human form and expressing ourselves from there. This allows me to become more of what I truly am, and less of what I don't need to be any longer. I've been involved in multiple other excellent programs, and Linda's presence has helped me find my own clear direction. She does all this with love, wisdom, and quirky humor too!”

Pam Pappas MD

Integrative psychiatrist,
Life & leadership coach for physicians and other creatives
Phoenix, AZ, USA

The Healer's Sanctuary

The Healer’s Sanctuary opens its doors on October 17, 2022. Enrollment will be ongoing but capped at 10. We’ll keep a waiting list for the next available spot.