Ever-green Awe

03 December 2022

Pine Tree Cropped_zoe--unsplash


Ever-green Awe

“We can’t pick a Christmas tree until it sings to me,”
I said. Incredulous looks. Raised eyebrows. Pained expressions.

My dear late husband, Jim, and my precious current husband, Bill, share a few common denominators, and one of them was disbelief that I listened to trees to discover which one wanted to grace our home for the holidays.

In different life chapters, Jim and Bill stood silent, amused, and frozen as I listened to rows of Douglas firs, Blue Spruces, Frazier Firs and Balsam Firs in cold tree lots outside of big box stores, on pick-your-own tree farms, and on the ridges of snowy West Virginia mountains.

As I gazed at trees, when I heard the inrush of awe on the breath of life moving into my chest, I knew which conifer was the right one. That was the music – a twinkle in the heart that heralded a connection to marvel and mystery via a tree!

Bill and I have an artificial tree now, a nod to our ages, but even that one sang an evergreen aria when I picked it out of a catalog. I’ve decided I love the pretend tree because I can keep it up for more than a month if I want. I buy scented icicles and sprays to remember the fresh, deep green fragrance of earthy pine.

This is one of the gifts inherent to this season of awaiting Light: an invitation to be open to fresh thinking about, fresh noticing of, fresh connection with the interplay between darkness and light and the ever-green music and magic of life.

© Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D., 2022
Photo by Zoe, courtesy of Unsplash.com

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