What's Love Got to Do with It? Everything!


Join Dr. Linda for public presentation on the intuitive way of Love!  It's your life raft!

Sunday, July 14, 2024, 2-4PM
at Wine Down on Market
1700 Market Street


The author of the award-winning, best-selling memoir, Leaning into Curves, welcomes you to an afternoon of connection, nibbles, spell-binding stories, and an exploration of the wild intuitive way of Love.

Love, the intuitive intelligence of life, guides us through EVERY. SINGLE. CURVE.  Even West-by-God-Virginia hairpins. Linda knows. She's leaned into her share!!

If you think the intuitive intelligence of the heart is woo woo, unscientific, witchy, only for women, and hard to come by, this event might surprise you!

Intuition is a LIFE RAFT especially when you feel swamped!


Early bird pricing - $30 per ticket

An excerpt from the Leaning into Curves:

"When the traffic light changed, we continued through the small town headed for Ravenswood, West Virginia.  The name conjured images of poets and magic.

About a half hour later, our headlights silhouetted a stout historic bridge that spanned the Ohio River.  As we drove across, the grated structure rumbled under us.  Mid-way over, a sign came into view:

"Welcome to Wild Wonderful West Virginia"

A sharp thrill snaked down my spine and bolted into my sneakered feat. Every cell in my body tingled.  This was intuitive wisdom, another experience of the eyes of love opening in wild certainty to see beauty and possibility.

That bridge tumbled me into a new life.  For the rest of my days, West Virginia, a land of forests, mountains, and rugged wild close-to-the-earth living, would be the home of my heart.

My taxi along the runway of early adulthood had ended; my landing gear had retracted, and I was in the air on flight path of my own choosing."

Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D.
Leaning into Curves, Chapter 14: Country Roads

Leaning into Curves will be available at the event at a discounted price.  Buy or bring a copy for Linda to sign!

You are pure love in motion

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