28 January 2022

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I burn to heal, discover, and create.
I burn to grey ash, to sticky dust, to gritty sediment.
I burn all that I am not.
It sinks into the mud.
It mucks the bottom.
It shrivels to nothingness.
It becomes the ground of Being.

I am the Muse.
I infiltrate the author’s keyboard.
I sneak into the writer’s pen.
I impregnate the artists’ brush.
I crack the sculptor’s marble.
I penetrate the lover’s body.
I permeate the loved one’s skin.
I saturate the healer’s heart.
I filter into minds
hindered only by the sleep of dreamers.

I express.
I express who I Am.
I express what I SEE.
I express into the dark unknown.
I fill the vacuum of tomorrow.
I am the Word, the Voice, and the Heartbeat.

I incinerate broken dreams.
I incinerate decimated innocence,
I incinerate harsh utterance.
I incinerate blind perceptions.
I incinerate the weapon of judgment.

I leap over betrayal.
I leap over grief.
I leap over broken bodies.
I leap over quantum injury.
I do not acknowledge I can’t, I won’t, I’m not good enough, I’m too small.
I do not brook insecurity, faint hearts, or broken minds.
I test limits, tolerance, and treacle.
They are not of me.

I remake off kilter and rotted beliefs.
I remake injury and imperfection.
I remake disaster.

Splintered dreams,
cracked hopes,
fiery wrinkles,
blindside fissures?

I scramble over them with cleats.
I abrade them of dead skin.
I cleanse them of gangrene.
I scrub them raw, pink, and vulnerable.
I shower them
with the medicine of kindness,
the liniment of forgiveness,
the largess of compassion.
To scab, to re-group, to re-grow.

I am disruption.
I engender dread and trepidation.
I wreak havoc in stultification.
I disrespect unconscious order.
I bring the cry of a million voices to injustice.

I will not rest
until I have mended
the smallest fraction,
the tiniest iota,
the most minuscule speck
of hurt
in the collective,
the aggregate of history,
the fabric of the human soul.

I long for you,
the wilt of the droughted rose,
the shrink of the constricted wallflower,
the mockery of the empty page.
I long for you in the water of Love
the cascade of life
and the sluice of words.

I burn for Love.
I burn with Love.
I burn to Love.
I burn, a dancing star.
I burn, a swirl of galactic light.
I burn, a sacred heart.
I burn, a trillion tiny sprinkles of goodness scattered
to the distant corners of a universe in fetal distress,
a universe not yet born,
a universe not yet imagined.
I am with you.
I am in you.

There is not one second,
one fragment of a moment,
one half-beat on your heart
that I am not expressing that I AM.

Retract in awe.
Genuflect to your shadows,
Humbled magnificence. Echoes.

Copyright 2022 Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D.

Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D. inspires intuitive-creative women healers to use their healing modalities, speaking voices, and written words to unfold and share the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. The Sacred Feminine embraces intuition, curiosity, connection, authenticity, humility, vulnerability, oneness, and the natural beauty of the body and the earth. Linda’s understanding of the Sacred Feminine is formed from a nonreligious spiritual understanding known worldwide as the 3 Principles. [for more information, see]

Linda offers sanctuaries, intimate small-group programs, to women healers who want to bring the 3 Principles into their work, and to women writers who are ready to share, get feedback, revise, and publish.

Through her Apprentice’s Way individual all-in-one mentorship program, Linda encourages her clients’ spiritual evolution, psychological health, effective writing, messaging, marketing, and content creation.

Visit to learn more about these programs and her array of masterclasses and courses.

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