The Confidence Masterclass

– with Linda Ford and Linda Pettit –

Breaking the Habit of Being Your Insecure Self

A 2-hour masterclass for women who want to break free from Insecurity, Self-Doubt, & Imposter Syndrome

We all know that when we’re feeling insecure or feeling like an imposter, it’s just a thought – it’s just our thinking.

We know that confidence is an innate quality that we all possess.

If that’s so, then…

Let’s not hide out in our work.

Let’s not shy away from putting ourselves out there.

Let’s embracee vulnerability and share our authentic voices.

Let’s not second-guess ourselves.

Let’s be undisturbed by others’ judgments.

Let’s see the fun in self-promotion.

Let’s play big in work and life.

Let’s believe in ourselves.

How, you ask?

In this 2 hour masterclass…

We’re going to get curious about how we can be more of who we really are so that we can put our body of work out into the world unapologetically and with impact.

Your hosts will share their own personal insights about how they were able to radically change their relationship with insecurity – how they were able to take the brakes off – and what finally moved the needle for them.

There will also be time for an open discussion where you can ask questions and get coached on what puts the brakes on for you when it comes to being seen and heard.

Who is this for?

This class is for coaches, healers, artists, writers, or any woman who has an online business or who works in the world. It’s for women who know they have something important to share with others – women who want to stand out and get noticed, to use their voice – to feel comfortable in their own skin.

They also know that there’s a part of them that is hiding out and playing small – they know they’ve got the brakes on.

You’re ready to step forward with a message. You’re yearning to play life deeper, wider, fuller…with greater confidence and ease. You’re ready to raise your voice to raise consciousness on our troubled planet.



Your Hosts

Dr. Linda Sandel Pettit

I inspire women to rediscover Divine wisdom so they can unfold their truth and power as healers.

I want women to know they are love in motion.  I want them to feel that. Be that. Share that. I’m on fire to help women rise up. 

My work rests on a non-religious, universal spiritual understanding known as the 3 Principles. I engage with clients in an intuitive, creative way that blends the 3 Principles understanding with my training as a counseling psychologist.

​I offer programs for helpers who want to learn about and share the 3 principles in their work; for writers ready to upscale their craft and uplift their voices; and,  for heart-aligned coaches ready to brand, message, create content and deliver messages of Love.​

Linda Ford

I am a master-certified coach, author, and someone who imagines a world in which people wake up every day knowing who they really are, their value, and their worth. I’m also a woman who has radically transformed my relationship with insecurity.

At the heart of my work is helping women awaken and accelerate their magnetism for life, love, and business by changing their relationship with insecurity, overcoming their fear of being seen and heard, knowing their worth & awakening a deep love of self.

Linda is the co-author of the Kindle best-selling book: Women & Confidence – the truth about lies we tell ourselves.

The Confidence Masterclass

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