Articles about Wisdom

He Came to Dance

June 22, 2020

I try to stand tall in truth and kindness. I will never forget a moment when my Dad, in the presence of human cruelty, showed me how that is done.


Sacrificing Beliefs

June 14, 2020

With every sacrifice, we give something up to make something else sacred. “If you’re white, you have privilege,” the black speaker, a woman, said.


Sacrament of Dying

May 25, 2020

This morning I came across this piece, written nearly a year ago. On a day of remembering the dead of our wars, in a time of remembering the hundred thousand souls who have succumbed to COVID19…


Bear Medicine

May 23, 2020

I was more than a little afraid to be alone in a remote rustic cabin in the deep forested mountains of West Virginia.


My Vocation

May 16, 2020

“Ma, I want to be a nun,” I said. “I’m going to enter a convent.” I sat across from my mom in the restaurant of the J.L Hudson department store in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


The Seamstress

April 27, 2020

Several times, when I’ve spoken to international audiences about psychological and spiritual health, I’ve been asked if well-being is correlated with “normal” weight.

The Missing Link by Sydney Banks

Spiritual Truth is Steady

March 5, 2020

The God I searched for was pure Truth. Forms could be thought up, could come, and go and be different from person to person and community to community. Truth was beyond and would survive all of that. The steadiness of God, steadied me.

Enlightened Man, Spiritual Teacher Sydney Banks

A Walk With Sydney Banks

February 19, 2020

Eventually, this spiritual teacher, an enlightened man, would answer a thousand questions about God.

Salt Spring Island, mystical home of Sydney Banks

Meeting Sydney Banks

February 16, 2020

There was a time when I was far less peaceful. My inner sweetness grew as I understood a little bit about the power of Thought. I’m not talking just about the thinking we do. I’m talking about Thought itself, the manifestation and gift of a formless God.
The man whose writings introduced me to Thought was Syd Banks


Dancing in the Sprinkler

April 27, 2019

My 22-month-old grandson figured out the direct correlation between how far he turns the water spigot on the house to the left, and how high the water shoots up from our circular sprinkler.