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Brilliant Partnerships


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a wild ride through the curves of love and loss, into a clearing of spiritual light...”
-- Steve Chandler, Bestselling Author

Leaning into Curves, a memoir, is about our potential to transcend suffering and reinvent life. It is a tale of forbidden love, shattering loss, and mystical encounters that guide a psychologist along a spiral of spiritual awakening.
And to more effective ways of practicing the art of listening and helping.

“Linda touches the transcendent world with exquisite beauty and a wicked sense of humor.”
-- Shadrick Mazaza, Physician, Founder, African Consciousness Institute

“...every evocative page draws us in. Read it and reap.”
Sam Horn, CEO, Intrigue Agency

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"Being only LOVE, you can have no other purpose than to extend the treasure of your very SELF." -- The Way of Mastery, p. 316, Shanti Christo Foundation

Brilliant Partnerships

Are you ready for a life-changing partnership in perfect self-expression? A partnership based on feminine values of: collaboration, mutuality, connection, empathy, nurturing, intuition, and creativity?

A partnership of loving expressed in the world?

You burn to express what is in your heart and soul. You are making a difference. You want to dare to share the fullness of your voice, your open-hearted message. Where do you find the wind beneath your wings?

There are mentors to support your spiritual evolution. There are mentors to facilitate your psychological health. There are mentors who can help you write better. There are mentors who can help you message, market and create content.

A six, nine or twelve-month brilliant partnership is your all-in-one mentorship.

I will be by your side, your mentor, to help you:

• embody psychological and spiritual maturity
• listen for wisdom arising from the silence behind life
• unfold your truth and message
• express your love to the fullest in your life and work
• release your full power as a creator

I’ve taught the 3 Principles, an evolutionary spiritual understanding, to individual clients and world audiences for 20 years.

I was a counselor and a counseling psychologist, now retired from clinical practice, for 35 years.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 40 years.

I’ve been writing for 50 years. I enjoyed a career in marketing and public relations. I’ve created a diverse array of content – press releases, news articles, magazine articles, e-books, video scripts, advertising, blogs, published essays, a book manuscript, programs, retreats, masterclasses, webinars, websites, and more. I’ve given hundreds of live and on-line presentations.

I want to wrinkle time for you, so you can leverage my knowledge in service to your wisdom and shine the fullness of your light into the world, now.

“Linda’s mentoring is incisive, healing, and intelligent. I am impressed with her style and ability to focus in on what matters most to her clients, while also addressing barriers to full empowerment and voice.

Linda is a master communicator, listener, and guide. She validates and empowers women to speak up and speak out. She consistently does so herself. Her writing allows you to know her before working with her. She will champion and support you as you develop and refine content, voice, and direction. Her level of professionalism is high, from the smallest of details to the final package.

My journey with Linda started with The Healers Clinic in 2019. She has mentored me with grace, love, and clarity. I am fortunate to have created and facilitated the She’s Speaking program with Linda. It was a privilege to learn from her and with her.

I encourage anyone who is willing to receive candid, direct feedback to work with Linda. She draws upon a wealth of personal experience and generously walks with you, as a path-maker and guide.”

Lydia Randolph, MPA

Transformative Life Coach
Los Angeles, California, USA

“Linda is a deeply spiritual, authentic, and gifted mentor. In my work with Linda, I loved how she pointed me to a deeper wisdom inside of me. I felt so held and supported in a way that was perfect for me. I’m also grateful that I followed the inner calling to engage in “The Healer’s Clinic”. I really appreciated the small group connections, the invitation to explore into the unknown and to expand our individual understanding. It was a gift to witness Linda’s gentle and loving guidance in harmony with each person’s way of being.”

Ellen Friedman, PT, MA

Soul-Centered Professional Coach
Three Principles Practitioner, Colorado, USA

"I have been working with Dr Linda Pettit for more than a year now, and I am deeply impacted by our conversations. Linda brings a depth of experience as a 3 principles teacher and psychologist. She also conveys so much kindness, freedom, and intuitive creativity in how she shares her wisdom and points me to mine. Linda is an inspiring thought leader in this field, shining in her femininity, spiritual gifts, and authenticity. I am thankful and honoured to have Linda as a mentor."

Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

Psychologist; Transformative Coach for Leaders, Teams, and Organisations
3 Principles Practitioner
Owner of DSH International HR, Germany

Brilliant Partnerships

A Brilliant Partnership is a mutual, collegial relationship. It is a spiritual partnership that rests on the intention to listen within to the silent wisdom of the heart and soul -- a silent knowing that evolves your work forward in loving service, beautiful feelings, practical effectiveness, and the highest ethical values.

Apprentice’s Way clients have trusted our partnership to:

• help them build effective coaching practices.
• write books.
• evolve through transformative personal challenges.
• message on websites, social media, in podcasts, blogs and through brands aligned with the heart and soul.
• create content from autoresponders to websites, masterclasses to intensive programs.
• facilitate insights to the 3 Principles understanding.
• For “all of the above!”

How would you like to use it?

A Brilliant Partnership gives you:

Green Dress Big Cacti


Full-year plan: 24 one-hour, one-on-one sessions to use however you wish. Most clients meet with me regularly every other week, some weekly, some as desired.
9-month plan: 18 one-hour one-on-one sessions.
6-month plan: 12 one-hour sessions to use however you wish.



Access to The Brilliant Partnership Community, a voluntary, recorded drop-in group that meets once per month.

You are pure love in motion


For all full-year plan subscribers, free access to all Masterclasses or webinars I offer during the course of our partnership.



Developmental editing of promotional materials or books within contract limits between sessions for those who desire this add-on.

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT - Via email between sessions.

Book a 30 minute Discovery Call

A Brilliant beginning...


Would you like get to know me and the Brilliant Partnerships program before committing to a longer-term package?

Or, perhaps you have a specific circumstance, concern or challenge that you would like to respond to with more wisdom and love?

This mini Partnership 2-hour session is the perfect choice!

Appointments are available between 9AM-6PM Arizona time week-days only.

The Mini does not include out-of-session developmental editing services but collaborative editing can be done through screen sharing during our call.

$750 USD

I will put my skills as a lifelong entrepreneur, marketer, writer, psychologist, and spiritual traveler in your service on our weekly or biweekly phone calls.

I envision that our calls and the voluntary drop-in group can:

  • Give me eyes to see you, your heartfelt longings, and what you want to create,
  • Help you map the road, the steps, toward your dreams
  • Help you meet challenges you encounter along the way and implement responsive solutions
  • Provide a sounding board for new ideas, copywriting and/or manuscripts.
  • Facilitate insight into the 3 Principles.
  • Create a “master mind” community of kindred spirits around you.

Are you ready for a life-changing partnership in perfect self-expression? A partnership based on feminine values of: collaboration, mutuality, connection, empathy, nurturing, intuition, and creativity? A partnership that brings satisfying return on your investment? Apply and book a discovery call today.