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Suggested Speaking Topics


Leaning into Curves... Finding Brilliance in Darkness

“...lean into curves. Don’t fight the flow of life, go with it. It’s a little scary sometimes but it makes for a sweet ride.” -- Dr. Linda Sandel Pettit, Leaning into Curves

No one gets through this life without adversity. It either makes you or breaks you. In my journey through tragic loss, shattered health, and a hair-pin career, I have learned valuable skills and lessons for finding love and beauty in EVERYTHING, no exceptions.

In this provocative, empathic conversation, I will help your audiences see the bigger picture behind adversity. I will point them to the key knowledge and skills we are ALL seeking as we negotiate the great learning laboratory called life.

Your audiences will walk away with the tools to create the life of their choice, regardless of what they have been through, are going through or will go through.

My message is about profound psychological and spiritual maturity and about claiming the practical keys to love and happiness.

Listening is Creating

“Listen to others. Sometimes listening seems like such a small thing, but more often than you know, you are saving a life.” -- Dr. Linda Sandel Pettit, Leaning into Curves

Most of us think that solving problems is about doing something -- and it is! But the internal PLACE from which we LISTEN to ourselves, others, and life [including our “problems”] has EVERYTHING to do with the answers we will CREATE.

LISTENING is fundamentally our most creative superpower. We have more than two ears to listen with! I will share practical information with your audiences about listening with, from and to the ears, the eyes, the body, the heart, the gut, the soul, and the spirit. Seven listening levels. Seven ways to CREATE being, relationships, and outcomes. Light years beyond empathy.

I am first and foremost a professional listener. Nobody will walk away from this presentation ever again stepping over the creative power of listening.


Mastering Transformative Change

“Relax. You are guided always by unseen hands. LOOK and SEE.” -- Dr. Linda Sandel Pettit, Leaning into Curves.

There is a source of wisdom we share that is accessible, without exception, to each of us; it is our birthright, our spiritual inheritance. It is far past time to get over outworn, dangerous diminishment of our intuitive knowing as “woo-woo” or “for women only” or “impractical and unscientific.”

Intuitive knowing is our LIFE RAFT, plain and simple. It is the ONLY thing that can guide us through the unknown with certainty, faith, and safety.

Through breathtaking stories and examples, I will help your audience look within and claim their own intuitive BEINGNESS. I will reconnect them with a valuable sense that is trying hard to awaken all of us so that we can navigate uncertain times with grace, good humor, and clever brilliance.

Your group will leave with practical tips and creative actions they will remember for a lifetime for vanquishing doubt, anxiety, and worry.

Turning Straw into Gold in Relationships...BEING LOVE at home, at work, everywhere!

“...we are all artists of life; our paintbrush is the gift of THOUGHT...we choose how we paint, though the subject often seems dictated by life.” -- Dr. Linda Sandel Pettit, Leaning into Curves

When I speak at business events, so often, attendees...CEOS, middle managers, line workers...will approach me afterwards with personal concerns about relationships...with a colleague, a life partner or a beloved son or daughter.

When I sit on planes and people find out what I do, probably 95% of the time, my seat mate will speak to me about a relationship they are in that seems complicated, fraught, and painful.

Simply put...I know they are asking me how to spin gold out of straw. It’s a mythic task for which they are fully prepared; they just don’t know it. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US comes equipped in this life with the keys to LOVE, which is ALWAYS the answer.

In this radical presentation, I will share how understanding: THOUGHT, desire, intention, allowing, forgiving, listening, and creating, all facets of LOVE, transform our BEING, the only chance we have of transforming a difficult relationship.

This presentation is for mature audiences who don’t mind being shaken out of old understandings.



Dr. Linda can also customize her presentations to compliment your event focus.

Audience Love


“Linda’s stories reach gently into people’s hearts, bringing wisdom forward as they listen. Her warm humor potentizes her message into healing medicine that stays with you long after hearing it.”

Pam Pappas MD

Integrative Psychiatrist, Coach, and Facilitator
Arizona, USA

"When Linda speaks, her authenticity cuts through everything and connects in such a loving way with the audience. You leave with the feeling of having had a heart to heart encounter."

Author, Bodymind Coach, Physiotherapist, Myofascial Release Therapist


“Linda Pettit speaks in an extra-ordinary way. She shares her knowledge of the human potential for thriving and creating brilliance regardless of circumstances in a way so full of love that you hear it with your whole being. Her wisdom and knowledge come wrapped in heart-felt stories from real life that makes it come alive for the audience. You truly see the potential for yourself at a deeper level.”

Dorthe Myndal Fogtmann

Mentor, Group and Retreat Leader, Leadership Developer

“Linda Pettit is a speaker like no other I have ever heard. She conveys simple practical truths through her incredible stories whilst being connected to a deep spiritual intelligence. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to hire an incredible speaker.”

Coaching Industry Leader and Influencer


Professional Bio

Dr. Linda is a distinguished author renowned for her insightful work, including her acclaimed memoir, Leaning into Curves: Trusting the Wild, Intuitive Way of Love.

With over five decades dedicated to writing, four decades immersed in counseling psychology, and two decades serving as a spiritual mentor, Dr. Linda brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her practice.

As a quiet yet formidable presence, Dr. Linda embodies both depth and strength. She approaches her work with a profound commitment to listening, offering presence, compassion, and understanding to all who seek her guidance. With unwavering courage, she reflects back the inherent beauty within each individual.

Unafraid to delve into divine wisdom, deep feminine knowing, and intuition, Dr. Linda empowers her clients to tap into their innermost truths. Through her guidance, she inspires and facilitates the release of pure love, allowing individuals to express their authentic selves fully.


Leaning Into Curves


A story of hope that our journeys through life can be sure-footed when we listen from and follow the way of the heart, the beingness of love.

Leaning into Curves is, first, a love story. It is a poignant tale of forbidden love, of two hearts and souls who crossed the boundaries of religious beliefs and dogma. It is a tale of shattering loss. It is tale of one woman’s trust in the spiritual wisdom unfolding from her soul to guide her through suffering and death to meaning, transcendence, rebirth, and new love. It is one woman’s search for the sacred feminine, divine female power. It is a story of transformation.

"Beautifully-written...a wild ride through the curves of love and loss, into a clearing of spiritual light...” - Steve Chandler, Bestselling Author

"This book is not to be missed. It's beautiful, sad, healing and extraordinary. If you are looking for an empathic guide through a challenging time, Linda offers a balm to the soul." - Nicci Attfied, Reedsy Discovery

"illuminated by her honesty...she makes the spiritual orientation of her book relatable to a wide audience...a forthright and approachable remembrance." -- Kirkus Reviews

"The 322 pages of Leaning into Curves create a miraculous experience that LOVE IS! What a story. What a woman. What a masterpiece!"- Steve Hardison, The Ultimate Coach

“...every evocative page draws us in. Read it and reap.” - Sam Horn, CEO, Intrigue Agency

“Linda touches the transcendent world with exquisite beauty and a wicked sense of humor.” - Shadrick Mazaza, Physician, Founder, African Consciousness Institute

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