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Parenting from Kindness

The little boy, a pint-sized bundle of energy, squatted on the sidewalk, a tiny stick in his hand, no more than a leaf stem. He had turned a grey centipede over with the stick and watched the bug shake its many legs. The boy seemed curious. “Honey,” how would you feel if I turned you over on your back and poked you in the tummy?” the young mother asked her son. Bright sunlight glistened on the sidewalk, wet from sprinklers that had just turned off. The little boys knees were scuffed, scratched, the way little boys knees often are. His feet were bare. He stared at the squirming bug, thoughtful. “We choose kindness,” the young mother said, her voice soft, firm. The little boy looked back and forth between his Mama and the bug.  He thought.  He righted the bug. The Mama ruffled her son’s hair and hugged him.  He…

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Look for the Helpers

April 10, 2018

Some words of wisdom from the gentle Mr. Fred Rogers of the beloved Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood television show, however, often lift my awareness away from gloom and doom.


Love Emboldens as Bullets Fly

February 26, 2018

As bullets spit from the gun of a school shooter, the speaker helped students to stay calm and move through the aftermath of the experience.

You are pure love in motion

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