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“Lean into curves. Don't fight the flow of life. Go with it. It's a little scary sometimes but makes for a sweet ride.”

Eulogy for James Noel Pfeffer – Linda Sandel Pettit (1999)

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Snuggled up to my late husband, I rode 200,000 miles on a Honda Gold Wing motorcycle. Jim taught me to lean deep into curves for thrilling rides on wild roads.

Leaning into curves is a perfect metaphor for life. I’ve leaned into life’s curves as a girl, student, woman, professor, dean, counseling psychologist, writer, author, coach, speaker, intuitive, creative, wife twice over, biker, mother, stepmother, widow, Grammy, and crone. Phew!

My 68-year life is a manuscript in progress. Dreams-can-come-true chapters emerged from the Divine as smooth as silk. Hardship chapters were eked out like blood from a turnip. A few chapters made Harlequin romances look tame. Tragic chapters brought angels to their knees.

Wrinkle time; Skip Suffering; Be A Powerful Healer.

My stethoscope presses against the chest of life to hear its heartbeat, so that I can evolve and share what I’ve learned with others. I want to wrinkle time for you, so you can skip needless suffering, learn what I’ve learned in far less years, and reap the benefits in wise, happy, contented, and self-expressed living!

Express the Love that You Are.

You are precious. Life is beautiful. Perfect self-expression is your birthright. You write yourself with the spiritual power of Thought. The ink is Love.

My mother and father, both born of Polish immigrants, were huge influences. My mother values nurturing and service. My father made independence, education, and service a mantra.

They raised a strong woman, steeped in Catholicism. At the all-girls high school I attended, wise, spunky nuns introduced me to the Divine Feminine.
Pivotal, they taught me to think for myself, follow my heart and speak out.

I found my writer’s voice at age 16 in a high school Journalism class. I got a journalism degree and launched into corporate communications, marketing, and public relations.

I’m excited to help you refine and express your message…

Unfold Your Truth

In my mid-20s, I fell in love with a wise and gentle Catholic missionary priest. My parents and the church frowned. We listened to our wisdom; he left the clergy and we married. It was a tough choice to make against resistive forces, but we stayed the course. A daughter tethered our hearts to her life. We moved to the mountains of Wild, Wonderful West Virginia and built a beautiful life, close to nature.

I’m excited to help you hear and follow your heart…

Trust Divine Feminine Wisdom

I earned a doctorate in counseling psychology and became an entrepreneurial helper. I created oodles of content in self-help. It was a near perfect way to serve. Except that intuitive knowing wasn’t “scientific”. So, I hid a priceless asset.

A curve in the road took my husband’s life on a snowy Christmas Eve. I felt guided from forces beyond the visible. My intuition got stronger. A new love slipped the widow’s mantle from my shoulders. I fashioned a good life with a second extraordinary man, a psychiatrist who worked from an out-of-the box spiritual understanding, the 3 Principles shared by Syd Banks, a mystical spiritual teacher.

Discover the 3 Principles

Bill Pettit and Syd revealed the link between the spiritual and the psychological. I chucked the misunderstandings in my religion and kept the beauty and Truth. I saw that I kept myself smaller than I was with the power of my own thinking. I began to share what I found with others. Lives transformed before my eyes.

I’d love to help you quantum your power as a healer and communicator…

Love is an Intuitive Way of Life

“Love is an intuitive way of life, knowing what to do and when to do it, giving without thought of return or fear of need, with great faith in the abundance behind life.”

Syd Banks, In Quest of the Pearl

It’s so simple.
You are love in motion.
You have inner wisdom, your heart.
Create with your gifts, whatever they are.
Trust the source of life to have your back.
Meet feelings and experiences with compassion.
Let a quiet Mind and beautiful feelings be your intuitive compass.
In hardships look for the helpers called Love, Beauty, and Truth.

The Ancient Mother-in-Waiting Pushes Me Out…

“It was not on my bucket list to shed another skin as an older woman. Yet, here I am, in labor. I kneel in an ache on all fours, head bowed to my breasts and exert a guttural push to midwife a new voice, a poet’s voice, the voice of the real.”

Linda Sandel Pettit, The Ancient One

Three years ago, I reconnected with my inner writer and found a deeper voice.

The more I wrote and shared on my blog, the more writers gathered around. For inspiration. For encouragement. For the ovaries to stand in and share forth their compelling voices.
I expanded to serve them.

Enjoy a free chapter from “Stories of the Muses: Become a Better Writer,” an anthology of 14 authors that features my writing. Download here.

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