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"Brilliant LOVE turns straw into gold with a change in the thought we listen from."

- – Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D.


Leaning Into Curves


A story of hope that our journeys through life can be sure-footed when we listen from and follow the way of the heart, the beingness of love.

Leaning into Curves is, first, a love story. It is a poignant tale of forbidden love, of two hearts and souls who crossed the boundaries of religious beliefs and dogma. It is a tale of shattering loss. It is tale of one woman’s trust in the spiritual wisdom unfolding from her soul to guide her through suffering and death to meaning, transcendence, rebirth, and new love. It is one woman’s search for the sacred feminine, divine female power. It is a story of transformation.

"Beautifully-written...a wild ride through the curves of love and loss, into a clearing of spiritual light...” - Steve Chandler, Bestselling Author

"This book is not to be missed. It's beautiful, sad, healing and extraordinary. If you are looking for an empathic guide through a challenging time, Linda offers a balm to the soul." - Nicci Attfied, Reedsy Discovery

"illuminated by her honesty...she makes the spiritual orientation of her book relatable to a wide audience...a forthright and approachable remembrance." -- Kirkus Reviews

"The 322 pages of Leaning into Curves create a miraculous experience that LOVE IS! What a story. What a woman. What a masterpiece!"- Steve Hardison, The Ultimate Coach

“...every evocative page draws us in. Read it and reap.” - Sam Horn, CEO, Intrigue Agency

“Linda touches the transcendent world with exquisite beauty and a wicked sense of humor.” - Shadrick Mazaza, Physician, Founder, African Consciousness Institute

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Who are YOU at the core of your being...beyond your roles and doings?

I am the Divine Feminine, the ground of Being, as we all are.
I am BEAUTY creating.
I am LISTENING and stillness.
I am perfect, unconditional LOVE, especially for my sweetheart, Bill.
I am Divine Wisdom, holy, secure, steady, graceful, humble, and worthy, as are all others.
I am the Word, clear, transcendent, inspired, and poetic.
I am Divine Intuition, Divine Order and Divine Mercy.
I am laser focused insight and perception.
I am beautiful, inspiring, trusting, and trustworthy.
I am a daughter of God, divinely protected.
I am delighted. I am laughter.
I am a smile, no matter what.
I am fierce loving kindness. I am forgiveness.
I am infinite, powerful energy.
I am direct, unflinching honesty.
I am a distinguished scholar.
I am abundant, overflowing generosity.
I surpass every constellation of the stars and shower the universe with love and light.
I am so brilliant I can’t possibly be overlooked.
I am a fiercely sensitive and sensitively fierce healer in every encounter. I have uncanny ability to create crucibles and to sense what is needed to help others transcend life disruptions.  I am a bright light in the darkness.

I am a potent global influencer, a compelling woman's leading presence at the intersection of psychology and spirituality. I use my VOICE and my WORDS in service to the BEINGNESS of LOVE and LIFE FULLY LIVED.

**These declarations were created as part of my own coaching with Steve Hardison, The Ultimate Coach.

Express the Love that You Are.

You write yourself with the spiritual power of Thought. The ink is Love.

Lean Into Curves...

In my mid-20s, I fell in love with a wise and gentle Catholic missionary priest. My parents and the church frowned. We listened to our wisdom; he left the clergy and we married. It was a tough choice to make against resistive forces, but we leaned into love and stayed the course. A daughter tethered our hearts to her life. We moved to the mountains of Wild, Wonderful West Virginia and built a beautiful life, close to nature. What circumstances have tested you?

I’m delighted to help you lean into curves.

On the Intuitive Way of Love

I earned a doctorate in counseling psychology and became an entrepreneurial helper.

A curve in the road took my husband’s life on a snowy Christmas Eve. I felt guided through grief by forces beyond the visible. My intuition got stronger and mystical synchronicities pointed me to a new love. He slipped the widow’s mantle from my shoulders. I fashioned a good life with Dr. Bill Pettit, a psychiatrist who worked from an out-of-the box spiritual understanding, the 3 Principles shared by Syd Banks, a mystical spiritual teacher.

I'm delighted to help you trust your path.

Know Your Divine Beauty...

Bill Pettit and Syd revealed the link between the spiritual and the psychological, the pure logic behind intuition and how it is connected to the source of life, LOVE. I found corrections to the misunderstandings in my religion and psychology but kept the beauty and Divine Truth. I saw that I kept myself smaller than I was with the power of my own thinking. I began to share what I found with others. Lives transformed before my eyes.

I’d love to help you see the logic of love and intuitive wisdom so that you feel at home and fully self-expressed in your life and work.

Be Love in Motion.

SEEING our Divine essence brings an organic unfolding of deeper love into the world.  We forgive faster, judge less. From our spiritual nature, our shared oneness, we express the LOVE we are in our unique way, The story of our lives become a testament to Love-in-Motion. We rise into our power as Intuitive-creatives, many of us choosing to work as heralds, sages, healers, and messengers.

Let's partner to evolve you closer to YOUR dream of perfect self-expression.

Love is an Intuitive Way of Life

“Love...is an intuitive way of life, knowing what to do and when to do it, giving without thought of return or fear of need, with great faith in the abundance behind life.”

Syd Banks, In Quest of the Pearl

The Ancient Mother-in-Waiting Pushes Me Out...

“It was not on my bucket list to shed another skin as an older woman. Yet, here I am, in labor. I kneel in an ache on all fours, head bowed to my breasts and exert a guttural push to midwife a new voice, a poet’s voice, the voice of the real.”

Linda Sandel Pettit, The Ancient One

Four years ago, I reconnected with my inner writer and found a deeper voice.

The more I wrote and shared on my blog, the more writers gathered around. For inspiration. For encouragement. For the ovaries to stand in and share forth their compelling voices.
I expanded to serve them.

Enjoy a free chapter from “Stories of the Muses: Become a Better Writer,” an anthology of 14 authors that features my writing. Download here.

You are pure love in motion

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