Episode 14

Understanding Conflict with Jane Lemmeke

Understanding Conflict

Jane Lemmeke co-founded, alongside her husband, Sten, House in the Woods, a program based in Denmark which provides homes for people with severe learning disabilities who have tendencies toward violent behavior.  By following intuitive knowing, in just eight years, they effortlessly grew House in the Woods to 14 residences staffed by 130 employees.  This podcast describes Love in motion.

In this podcast episode, Jane talks about how seeing the health in people, knowing how to BE in and lead people back to calm, and not taking the behavior of others personally allows her, and her staff, to create environments of love that bring out the best in others. Her wisdom points all of us toward new ways of understanding conflict.  She describes a logic that can help us remain in loving feelings no matter how difficult the behavior around us is. Jane and Sten have helped many distraught parents reconnect with and enjoy calm, beautiful relationships with children who struggle to understand the world around them.

Jane’s life is a testament to the loving service we can continue to give in our seasoned years. We also discuss the joys and pleasures of grandparenting!

You are pure love in motion

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