Episode 20

Standing for What is Right with Judith Sedgeman

Standing for What is Right

Dr. Judith Sedgeman begins this fascinating interview with a description of how one thought about racism against childhood friends first unfolded into disillusionment but also, in the end, into a life of service to others.  In this candid interview she shares how mentors described in her memoir, “It all started with a bird” pointed the way to standing for what is right and following the intuitive way of love.  Judy shares powerful stories about how finding a feeling of Love has helped her clients – individuals and businesses – arrive at solutions to challenges.

Judy spent most of her adult life searching for the true meaning of service. Through careers in teaching, journalism, banking and entrepreneurship, service manifested in behaviors, but the feeling behind it remained elusive.

In the mid-1980’s, she stumbled across a new way to understand the spiritual source of life and the transformative power of quieting the intellect and listening for wisdom to guide us.

For the last four decades, this led her to become a mentor in the emerging field of the Three Principles and to career opportunities, peace of mind, and happiness beyond her wildest dreams as a college student longing for a rich inner life through the opportunity to serve others.

Even as she approaches her 80th birthday, she undertakes new projects and nurtures certainty that the answer to ameliorating human suffering is close at hand, visible to all who look away from turmoil towards the peace and strength within.  To learn more about Judy and work with her see:  www.three-principles.com.

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