Episode 17

Soulful Hydration

Soulful Hydration

Are you feeling daunted? De-energized? Unfocused? Unclear about next steps?  Scared? Chances are good those feelings are indicators of psychic dryness…a thirst for inner wisdom, hydration from the soul. The antidote is intentional solitude found both in small bites and larger chunks of time built around inward listening, pleasure, and sensory refreshment.

In this mini-podcast I share this bit of wisdom from the “Sealskin, Soulskin” tale in Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book, Women Who Run With the Wolves:

“It is commingling with soul that causes us to glow bright with spirit, willing to assert our talents, whatever they might be.  It is that brief, even momentary, but intentional union that support us to live out our inner lives so that instead of burying them in the self-inversion of shame, fear of reprisal or attack, lethargy, complacency, or other limiting reasonings and excuses, we let our inner lives wave, flare, blaze on the outside for all to see.” – [Page 295]

Flowers come to mind. In their active phases, they bloom and blossom. They wither and dry.  They drop.  Their host greenery seems dormant – but hidden roots and shoots pull in nutrients needed for the next cycle.  Perhaps despite even our best day-to-day self-care, there are natural cycles of creativity that beg our respect and surrender. Support your next blaze with hydration from the depths of your being.

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