Episode 19

Love & Possibility with Kirstien Bjerregaard

Love and Possibility

Kirstien Bjerregaard, Ph.D., MBACP is on a quest to awaken people to the possibility that they can bring well-being, wisdom, creativity, resilience and love to every life circumstance they meet.  She is a psychologist, transformative counsellor, coach, mental health and resilience educator and founder of a non-profit organization in the U.K., Field of Possibility, CIC.

After working for years on the front lines in countries requiring humanitarian assistance during crises, Kirstien found herself burned out.  She discovered a deeper resilience and re-connected with the joy of helping when she was introduced to an understanding that connects spiritual insight with psychological well-being, known worldwide as the 3 Principles.

Kirstien works with professionals in frontline response organisations and privately, with couples and individuals. She also runs the Field of Possibility, a community enterprise offering educational activities and retreats that enhance mental well-being and resilience.

Kirstien loves dancing, being a mum and creating things in their physical field of possibility in Devon. She is especially proud of having co-built, with her husband Mox, family, and friends, a natural wildlife swim pond, a reciprocal roof roundhouse and a pointless point (stone circle).  You can find Kirstien at https://kirstien.com or https://field-of-possibility.org/

You are pure love in motion

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