Episode 22

Living & Playing Freely with Denise Holland

Living and Playing Freely

Whether you’re an elite athlete, an exercise aficionado, or someone who loves to follow competitive sports, you’ll love this interview with sports performance coach, Denise Holland. She is a leader in the spiritual [yes, the “S” word] nature of human psychology behind sports performance.

Denise spent over 30 years in elite sport, competing internationally as an athlete and, more recently,
as the Scotland National Coach in netball.

Since awakening to the source and intelligence behind the human experience, Denise feels she has found the jewel of athletic performance; the opportunity and possibility to live and play freely. It has transformed how she now approaches sports coaching, being more of a catalyst for insight rather than an expert in her field.

Enjoy this gentle conversation with Denise and pick up some tips and insights to up your game!

Read more about Denise and her PlayFreely program at www.deniseholland.org.

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