Episode 16

Listening is Love with Liz Scott

Listening is Love

In this episode, Linda and Liz Scott talk about the intuitive step-by-step knowing that guided Liz and her husband, Stu, to found Inner Compass, a nonprofit organization that points people toward their natural well-being. Inner Compass functions in their local community and is creating a pool of volunteer listeners to help the lonely and isolated feel a sense of connection and belonging.

Inner Compass’ programs are called Well-being Listening.  We talk about the power of listening to the health, the love at the heart of all human beings.  We talk about the connection between intuition and listening.  Liz explains how a metaphor, the inner diamond, reminds us of the wisdom each of us has to offer to a world very much in need of it.  We also talk about how we can hang onto hope and truth in a world that can feel scary and difficult.

Listening is at the heart of Liz’s work …. it always has been. The thread of listening has been woven through her work as a BBC reporter, coach, facilitator, trainer, podcaster, and author of the book To Listen is to Love.

Liz lives on the southern edge of Dartmoor in the UK and every day she immerses herself in nature, walking across the moors and watching the seasons change.

To contact her or purchase her book, visit www.innercompassguide.com 

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