Episode 25

Documents of Being

Documents of Being

Weeks ago, I shared on social media that I had consulted with a life coach, Steve Hardison. Steve is the subject of a book, The Ultimate Coach, written by his wife, Amy Hardison and researched by Alan Thompson.  Steve calls the book, “The Book of Being.” Steve coached me through writing a “document” as a statement of “the you at your inner core…the you that soars.” [page 248].

My document is the song of my soul.  In this podcast, through stories, I share what it means to me.  I share the document.  I also share a document I wrote for my late husband, Jim, in the form of his eulogy.  I muse that we are all living from documents, acknowledged or not. Perhaps being more intentional about them can change us and, in doing so, change the world.

You are pure love in motion

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