Episode 8

Coming Home with Natasha Swerdloff

Coming Home

Nearly two decades into a career as a psychotherapist and corporate trainer, Natasha Swerdloff chanced upon the 3 Principles, a psychospiritual understanding brought to the world by Sydney Banks. As she learned about the 3 Principles, Natasha shifted into a quieter, less reactive, more peaceful state and observed less conflict in relationships, especially with her mom. The shifts were effortless. When she shared the understanding with clients, they observed the same shifts, often with quick ease.

In this interview, Natasha points to the simplicity of the 3 Principles with accessible depth. Today, Natasha is honored to serve as the Vice President on the board of the Three Principles Global Community [3PGC]. She founded the Principles Institute and co-authored Coming Home: Uncovering the Foundations of Psychological Well-Being, with colleague Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D. Natasha shares the 3 Principles understanding with individual clients, in group programs, and on webinars, conferences, podcasts and via her YouTube channel. She can be found at https://theprinciplesinstitute.com/

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