Episode 12

Activism & Spiritual Subculture with Ami Chen Mills-Naim

Activism and Spiritual Subculture

Ami Chen Mills-Naim is a woman who has traveled off the beaten path. She tempers a rebellious spirit with a reflective heart. “I haven’t gone blindly,” she said. “I grapple with choices and go with what feels right, despite disapproval and disagreement.” Her path has called her to be a climate activist, social justice advocate, spiritual teacher, podcast and radio show host, coach, trainer, writer and author.

When she was a little girl, Ami had dreams about two worlds – one falling apart and abandoned; the other transformed by tolerance, compassion, and kindness beyond words to describe the beauty of it. She builds the latter.

In this segment, Ami shares caution about becoming part of spiritual subcultures that are meant to loosen our identities but end up becoming another “system of thought” that can become restrictive. She speaks of her own spiritual journey and the joy of embracing women teachers who embody the way of the sacred feminine. “Perhaps if we better acknowledge our deep loves,” she says. “We will be more moved to protect them.” Don’t miss this searching interview with one of my treasured spiritual mentors and friends.

Ami’s book, The Spark Inside is available on Amazon.com. To learn more about Ami and her many services, visit www.amichen.com. She is on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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