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"Beautifully-written...a wild ride through the curves of love and loss, into a clearing of spiritual light...”
-- Steve Chandler, Bestselling Author

Leaning into Curves is a tale of forbidden love, shattering loss and mystical encounters that guided Linda to awaken spiritually and claim the power of the Divine Feminine.  This is not just Linda’s story; it is your story, our story; a story of hope that our journeys through life can be sure-footed when we follow the way of the heart, the beingness of love.

“Linda touches the transcendent world with exquisite beauty and a wicked sense of humor.”
-- Shadrick Mazaza, Physician, Founder, African Consciousness Institute

“...every evocative page draws us in. Read it and reap.”
Sam Horn, CEO, Intrigue Agency

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You are ready to step out of the past.
You are ready to forgive yourself, others, and life. You are ready to move beyond judgment.

You are ready to embrace self-responsibility and your essential freedom to create a powerful life of your choosing is guiding you.

I can't wait to work with you.

"Love is a way of listening to a practical intuitive intelligence that guides us through life. Love is our life raft." -- Dr. Linda Sandel Pettit

 I’m Dr. Linda...

a professional listener.

listening informs my writing, speaking and mentoring.

Listening is not passive.  it is fiercely sensitive and sensitively fierce.

Listening is  creative. It calls forth perfect wisdom from the silence, the spiritual intelligence behind life.

wisdom for who you want to be and what you want to do.

I have done a 50-year gig as a writer, a 40-year gig in counseling psychology, and a 20-year gig as a spiritual mentor.

I am a quiet, reflective woman, but no shrinking violet. I will listen to you with presence, compassion, understanding and courage. I will reflect back your beauty.  I won’t hold back on the divine wisdom, the deep feminine knowing, the intuition that informs my understanding. I will inspire you and show you how to release the pure love -- the truth and beauty -- at your core so that you become fully SELF-expressed.



Love in Motion: A Bold Spiritual Truth.

“Linda has a beautiful way of listening. She hears to the core of the matter. She responds from wisdom with stories and metaphors so spot on, that a gateway to insight opens for me. During our sessions I am held in compassion, humor, and love. I feel lighter and brighter afterwards! She has helped me know that being myself is the best way to give to the world. She brings light to my blind spots so that I can help others in my work even more. She has strengthened my trust of my inner wisdom. I live more fearlessly from the love that I am.”

Angelica Almqvist

Transformative Coach, Podcast Guest, Speaker, Writer, Sweden

Brilliant Beginnings

Let’s address a concern, challenge, or circumstance
during a 2-hour individual session that inspires you
listen and see with fresh ears and eyes, and to
create anew from Love.

Join me for a life-transforming Brilliant Beginning.

Brilliant Partnership

Meet me in my Brilliant Partnerships program and community...for 6, 9 or 12 months of collaboration.

You are ready for life-changing, one-on-one intimate personal encouragement, accountability, and intuitive mentoring.

A Brilliant Partnership is perfect when you are on fire to embrace your Self fully and to create the life, the Self-expression of your choosing.

When selected, includes writing support.

Be Brilliant!

You are ready for a focused, shorter-term high impact way to release more life and love into whatever is sacred to you!

You are invited to my intensive 3-month on-line small group mentoring program.  Cohorts run in winter, spring, and fall.  The next cohort starts March 1, 2024.

Meet with me for 10 individual sessions and 8 groups.

“Working with Linda has enhanced my trust in my own and other people’s resilience and inbuilt capacity for healing and growth. The result continues to delight me, and to deepen my experience of life and the impact my work makes for others. Every conversation I have with Linda satisfies my soul and extenuates my curiosity. I appreciate how her guidance draws on extensive clinical and spiritual experience. I’ve benefitted from her exquisite writing, as a listener moved and transformed by her intimate, raw and humour-filled portrayal of life and, also, from her tuneful, articulate editing of my work. Most of all with Linda I feel in safe hands. She encourages me to let go and be all I am. Working with Linda is like being in love, a gentle holding and celebratory unfolding of being human, warts and all.”

Kirstien Bjerregaard, PhD, MBACP,

Psychologist, Counsellor, and Coach. Mental Health and Resilience Educator
Founder, Frontline Resilience CIC. Podcast Guest, United Kingdom

The foundation of my work

I work from a spiritual foundation, an understanding,
known as the 3 Principles.
However, I embrace Truth from many sources.

The 3 Universal/Divine Principles are Mind [the spiritual energy at the core of all life], Consciousness [the gift of life, our ability to be aware of and use that energy] and Thought [the single, powerful way that energy takes form]. With these 3 Principles we create suffering, beauty, and everything in between.

To learn more, visit

For my blogs about Syd, see: Meeting Syd, A Walk with Syd, and Truth is Steady.

 Trust Spiritual Wisdom. Follow the Intuitive Way of Love.

Create your Life.

“Over four years, Linda has helped me grow my 3 Principles coaching business to the next level. She has helped me clarify my messaging, create content, craft advertising copy, and elevated my certainty in my ability to coach. I have more insight into the mind and life and have a bigger impact on the world. Linda is always deeply present and loving. It is priceless to have such a wise and knowledgeable person listen and help me see more beauty and love in my life, and to see my own wisdom with more clarity.
What Linda sees and her beingness is very valuable to any person who wants help to build their life or business. She has been a great mentor for me, both in business and in life.”

Kjetil Haugmo

Master 3 Principles Coach, Author
Best-selling author of the Norwegian book "Finn din drivkraft" (Find your drive)
Coach; Owner, Messenger of Love Coaching Education, Public Speaker and Seminar Leader, Podcast Guest, Norway

be a brilliant author

When I reached out to coaches, therapists, service professionals, and attendees at writing conferences, they told me they wanted a more fun, rewarding, easier, less stressful and less isolated experience of writing their stories and becoming authors. I'm thrilled to announce my

Be a Brilliant Author Community
specifically designed for service professionals.

“The Covid lockdowns gave me the opportunity to finish my book, Holy Days. But it was not until I found Linda, a travelling companion on the writer’s journey, that I took strides to write it with confidence and conviction. Linda helps me to find faith in my own unique expression of the creative current that runs through us. She offers me feedback, with humility and perceptiveness, she sees me with gentle kindness and honesty, she understands me profoundly, never judging and always offering another view when my own harsh critic threatens to stop the flow. Linda guided me to see that my words matter, my voice has resonance, and that I can be of service to others through my understanding expressed in this world of words.”

Author: Holy Days: Reflections of a Travel Pilgrim
Intergenerational Writing Facilitator, Grant Writer, B&B Entrepreneur Nova Scotia, Canada

You are pure love in motion

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The 3 Principles: Simple Truth

Sign up for my free master class on the 3 Principles. Hear about a simple understanding that can change lives.

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